Works from the Multiverse?

There is a world out there where not only was Battlecruiser 3000 AD everything creator Derek Smart said it would be, but it even exceeded his rhetoric.

Since someone mention the world where Mitch Hedberg did not die,

I would love to see the world where Bill Hicks is still alive. (And Denis Leary doesn’t have much of a career.

Not to mention all the great art from artists we’ve never heard of, because they died in the Holocaust.

I’d like to read the books Robert Heinlein would have published if he hadn’t had to go into hospital right after finishing the first draft of I Will Fear No Evil, and his publishers decided to print the first draft.

After that point, he never really revised his books much again. I want to see what his later books would have become with some decent editing.

That’s a common misconception about the “many worlds” hypothesis. A universe must not merely be conceivable but actually have a probabillity of existing. I can conceive of a universe where nothing else is different except for the fact that instead of sitting here typing this I am engaged in hot sex with Scarlett Johannsen. Regretabally, such a universe most likely has a zero probability of actually existing.

A universe, however, that doesn’t have that stupid “I before E, except after C” rule and I wouldn’t have to backspace every time I type “conceive”. Sure.

That was the last Heinlein book I read. After struggling through to the end, into the trashcan it went. Haven’t read him since.

I have a CD of music written by composers lost in the Holocaust. What’s fascinating are the stories of how the music survived.

On the other hand, suppose Anne Frank had survived the Holocaust. Her diary would be a mere curiosity, if it were ever published at all. She’d probably grow up to be an obscure journalist, rather than the world-famous diarist she is in our universe.

I thought Friday and Job weren’t bad. But I’d like to see what they’d have been like in the multiverse.

Dear Og, why?? The ones we got after Restaurant at the End of the Universe weren’t bad enough? Adams was a modern-day equivalent of Conan Doyle, who desperately wanted to write something other than the silly series that made him rich (e.g. Dirk Gently) but Those Damn Fans kept clammoring for more Hitchhikers! Not realizing it had turned into the world’s biggest shaggy-dog story. The joke had been told. The punchline had been dropped. Go home.

Because I liked them.

Random observation-- though I can imagine an alternate future where Jimi lived and output more work, I sometimes think that for some people, like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, there can be no other reality where they lived to output more work-- at least not similar at all to their signature styles. That the way they lived and died is integral to who they were and the type of music they put out.

Put in a more irreverent way, “Jim Morrison was on the verge of becoming the Leisure Suit Elvis lizard king. Dying young was the best career move at that point.”


We might not be here (I’ve read that, aside from fewer tidal pools, we’d be more like Venus). And if we were, our view of the universe would be different. See Isaac Asimov’s Tragedy of the Moon.

That was weird- you copied and quoted my post without actually “quoting” me. So I came back into this thread just to read what’s new, and I’m reading my own post with an increasing feeling of deja vu, until I realize “hey, that’s me!”