World Cup of Hockey?

Simple question. Who pays the players? and how are player salery figured out?

I doubt the players are doing this pro bono; so where is their take coming from? I can only really see four sources of real income: ticket sales, concessions, sponcers, and television rights. How is this revenue spent and divided?

I think that it is mainly the NHLPA that organizes the tournament along with the hockey federations of the particpating nations. As far as how the revenue is split, I don’t know, and I doubt that it will be made public knowledge. Remember, that this is the only the second World Cup and the direct descendant of the Canada Cup, which was usually organized by Allen Eagleson, when he was head of the NHLPA.

I wonder what the games in Europe are drawing. The 2 games in Montreal were both sellouts.

BTW, here is the official site of the World Cup of Hockey.