World Cup predictor (soccerball, by the way...)

My predictions produced:

  • Brazil the only team to get nine points
  • Italy sent home courtesy of the Czechs and Yanks
  • England knocking out Germany and Argentina (oooh, that’d be fun!) before losing to Brazil in the semis (have to be realistic)
  • Sweden as finalists (they had a relatively easy run: Poland, Serbia, USA)

Sweden in the final!? They’re dropping to Germany int he second round buddy. I can’t see Brazil losing. England could give them trouble and I think Germany if Ballack has a really really good game.

I think I’ve got one of the best quarter finals ever with England vs. Argentina and Germany vs. Holland. Predictions for high scorer? I’ll go with a dutch. van Nistlerooij is favored over Makaay recently right? I’ll go with him.