World of Warcraft: Battlegrounds

So… I hate to start a WoW thread when there’s one on the first page already, but this has nothing to do with Biggirl’s thread and I didn’t wan’t to jack it.

Anyhoo, anyone check out the Battlegrounds yet? I haven’t played the game for a while, but I signed back up to check 'em out. And… I’m hooked! I had a blast in both instances this weekend.

In case you don’t know anything about 'em, there are two so far (more to come supposedly):

Alterac Valley, which is large scale 40 v 40 battle for domination of the area. I usually end up fighting and healing on the front lines, but there are lots of support quests to complete too. It’s chaotic at times but really just fun on a bun most of the time.

The other one is called Warsong Gulch, and it’s just old fashioned Capture the Flag. It sounded weird when I first heard about it, but it’s a blast. The games are smaller (10 v 10) and much more fast paced.

Other thoughts:

The good[ul][li]It’s a huge diversion from grinding and instance runs. The strategy and game play is so different that it’s almost a whole new game. After grinding and running instances for so long a few months ago, BG is a nice break. And the other way is good too, I’ve been PvPing so much recently, that when I ran on a DM run last night it was fun again too. Hooray! [/li][li]Alterac Valley is huge! Much bigger than I had pictured. The visuals are great too. [/li][li]There is a ton of stuff to do. If you don’t want to be on the front lines, get yourself in a group doing a support run on something. Capture a mine, a graveyard, collect rams and wolf skins, etc. I did all of the above this weekend, and rescued a goblin engineer from those filthy trolls. :D[/li]
[li]The wait times haven’t been too bad for me. And there are usually a few Horde noobs wandering around near the entrance that I can pvpwn while I’m in the queue. [/li][/ul]

The not so good[ul][li]I really don’t know what they could do to make it better, but it’s hard to get PvP loot if you’re a caster. Although I have heard that the loot range has been increased, and you can loot corpses even if your icon is black, but I haven’t tried it yet. [/li][li]We’re getting our butts kicked! Ok, so this isn’t something Blizzard can fix, but the Alliance are definitely the underdogs on my server (Sargeras). [/li][/ul]

And what to do next[ul][li]Why not have both teams automatically join a single raid group, and put the top five ranked players in charge? It seems like we usually have several raid groups all working on the same thing, but not sharing the credit. [/li][li]The lag has actually been pretty bearable, but could be better. [/li][li]More quests and more rewards! :smiley: [/ul][/li]
I’ll post more as I think about it later today. I’ll see if I can dig up some screenshots too. Anyone else check it out?

Just logged on this morning after a long break. My Hunter is only level 54 (Shattered Hand) so I may wait until I join the Battle Grounds. They sound good though.

Xtisme had a previous thread on this here that I commented in, but I can add a few things here.

I’ve been in the Warsong Gulch battleground a good bit this week. My top 2 characters are only in the mid 40’s for level, so I can’t try out Alterac yet. WG is a lot of fun, though it has been pretty frustrating with my Alliance character. Other than one or two games, people really haven’t been very good at strategizing and staying together in groups, leading to a lot of losses. I’m looking forward to playing some more, though, and getting better.

Speaking of Warsong, there’s a pretty decent thread on WG strategies and tactics shaping up on the WoW forums. Odd, I know, but here it is. Just ignore the whiners.