World of Warcraft: The hunter, talents and whatever

I thought I’d start a thread and ask peoples opinion of the new talents system, the new Hunter class, new content, mounts, the current PvP system…and anything else that anyone on the SDMB who is in the beta (or questions for people who aren’t but may want to give this game a try when it ships this fall) feel like asking.

I know most people on this board are playing CoH, but I think there are a few WoW fans out there somewhere as well.


Any confirmed date on when it will ship?

Is there a “Zug-zug!” in it? I ain’t buying without the zug-zug.

Something need doing? :smiley:

I would not do such things if I were you. Oh-oh-OH!

Well, not a lot of activity in this thread…I must be the only one playing :slight_smile:

To answer the two questions:

No firm date yet, but I’m told by a friend at Blizzard that it would be before Christmas…they are shooting (unofficially) for sometime in October, but thats a very soft date.

Of course. :slight_smile: If you play the horde you’ll here it anyway.


Is the beta doing that well that it may be as soon as October??!!! :smiley:

I tryd getting into beta but I don’t think Blizz likes me… :smack:
But dates I have heard were december… but ya never know.