World War II video games with Italy

These days, there is no shortage of WWII video games, where you can play as numerous countries, yet I can’t recall one that includes Italian units. It is true that Germany had a much larger army in Europe, yet I would think that Italy would appear occasionally, if only to provide a unique experience in the oversaturated WWII game market. Are there any games I missed?

Tentatively, I would like to exclude obscure turn-based strategy, as it might be easier to include pallette-swapped armies, although any particularly striking examples are fine.

I’m pretty sure the last Medal of Honor: Allied Assault expansion pack had levels in Italy (I didn’t get that one, so I’m not entirely sure). I think Call of Duty 2 might, too.

Still, that’s doing better than Thailand or Bulgaria.

COD2 had levels in Italy, but I don’t think there are any Italian troops, just Germans, lots and lots of Germans.

One of the really cool things about the original Panzer General was that, as Axis commander, if you could manage to keep your Italian troops alive through the Balkan campaign of 1941 and the African battles thereafter, they actually hardened in quite useful, dependable units. The Bulgarians and Romanians, tho, were just cannon fodder.

Panzer General ruled - I only wish I had a PC low-spec enough to play it!


Battlefield: 1942 has an expansion pack called Road To Rome, which is set during the Italian Campaign and allows you to play as the Italians in some of the maps.

:smack: I was thinking that Bf1942 should’ve had them, but I forgot about the expansions. Thanks.