Worldometers Inconsistency

I have noticed that US Territories are listed under the numbers for the USA. Territories belonging to other nations such as Bermuda(UK), Aruba(Netherlands), and Martinique(France) are listed as if they were independent nations. Is there any particular reason why they are doing it this way?

I assume you are talking about the Corona statistics. The US is broken down into states plus the territories, and other categories. I didn’t see any other country broken down in any subdivisions like that. The data sources may be organized that way, or maybe it’s just how someone arbitrarily built a new web app.

Yes, I am talking about the Corona statistics.

Probably because almost no one thinks of those territories that way. If someone is wondering whether their vacation in Martinique is going to be affected by coronavirus, how many would thnk to look up France’s current numbers?

I also think the Diamond Princess cases may be being double counted.

The ship is listed as a territory of its own which appears to contribute 712 to the total number of cases. But if you go into the breakdown of some of the individual countries some of them have the Diamond Princess listed in their stats. For instance, the USA has 46 cases listed against Diamond Princess.

I’ve not got the patience to sit with a calculator to check if the tally includes these numbers, nor am I sure that the 46 US cases have not been deducted from the 712 - but I suspect the total number may be inflated by 712.

This site NCOV19 breaks them out, even for things like TSAs, military and the various cruise ships.

I imagine since they seem to be getting it from official sources it’s how the nations classify their dependent areas. Like Jersey and Guernsey and the Isle of Man are separate from the UK.