World's Largest UFO Cult Lands in Cambodia

The Raelians. They’ve set up a base in Phnom Penh. As if we didn’t have enough crazies on this side of the world.

They want to build an embassy there. They’ve been wanting to build one in Israel, but since their symbol is a swastika inside a Star of David, they’re banned in that country.

Hmmm. I wonder if this could explain the abduction of Dave Walker near Angkor Wat two weeks ago.

Low taxes.
Weak central government.
Long way from the major media centers.
Easily bribable officials.
Best place for a cult.

Hell…I’d move there except that I don’t already have malaria or yellow fever and I can live the rest of my life without them.

Yellow fever is a South American and African ailment. We don’t have that over here.

I was thinking “Best. Troll. EVAR.” (them, not you) but in this image it’s not quite what you describe it as. It’s a swirly six-fold swastika rather than a rectangular four-fold Nazi one. And it’s clearly meant to be continuous with the star motif, it’s not really meant to be seen as a swastika at all. But I guess it is a bit tone-blind. It looks like a garment washing label. Wash this brain only at 40C, do not iron (the creases are a big deal).

This was their previous logo. Definitely swastika-ish.


Yikes. :eek: Okay, my initial reaction stands.