World's Worst Possible Casting: the Game

Here’s the catch: you have to choose the entire cast of one movie or TV show (or, if you’re really up on theater, a play) and recast them in another movie or TV show (or play). Crossovers totally allowed.

Confused on how to play? I’ll show you:
Replace the cast of Star Wars with the cast of Dukes of Hazzard:

Luke Skywalker = John “Bo” Schneider
Han Solo = Tom “Luke” Wopat
Leia = Catherine “Daisy” Bach
Obi Wan = Denver “Uncle Jesse” Pyle
Grand Moff Tarkin = James “Roscoe” Best
Vader = Sorrel “Boss Hogg” Booke

Dialogue includes:

“Luke, I don’t know what ol’ Obi Wan told ya, but I’m your daadddy!”
“Luke, your pa left something here for you… but I used it on the truck a long time ago.”
“Help us Uncle Jesse Wan Kenobi, you’s our last hope…”
“Leave the Boar’s Nest? In our hour of triumph? Cun-cun-cun-cun… hell no!”

Replace the cast of The Color Purple with the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy:

Celie = Carson
Sophia = Thom
Mr. = Ted
Harpo = Kyan
Shug = Jai

Sample Dialogue
“I loves Kyan, lord knows I do, but before I let him shave me against the grain I’ll kill him daid! I swear it”
“A decorator chile ain’t safe in a fam’ly full of welders”.

Celie/Carson: I just can’t stand when he gets on top of me and do his business. I hates it.
Shug/Jai: Have you tried making eye contact?

Your turn. (I’m predicting this will die a fast death, but worth a shot.)

The Cast of ‘Friends’ in: Star Trek the Wrath of Khan:

Matthew Perry as James T. Kirk
David Schwimmer as Spock
Matt LeBlanc as Leonard “Bones” McCoy
Courtney Cox as Dr. Carol Marcus
Jennifer Aniston as Commander Uhura
Lisa Kudrow as Lieutenant Saavik

Special Guest stars:
Tom Selleck as Khan
Giovanni Ribisi as Dr. David Marcus
Bones: ‘Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not an actor!’
Spock: ‘Well, Duh!’
Kirk: ‘Spock. Could you be. Any more. Sarcastic.’
Spock: ‘Sheesh! I was being ironic!’

The Ten Comandmants staring the cast of Runtedldat: Martin Lawrence live

Moses: Martin Lawrence
Rameses: Martin Lawrence with eye make up
Nefretiri: Martin Lawrence in a dress
Dathan: Martin Lawrence in a toga
Sephora: Marin lawrence in a dress and a wig
Lilia: Well, you get the idea
Sample lines from the movie:
Moses: (when confronted with Burning Bush) Gawd! I’m higher than a motherf*cker!

Moses: viewing a black sheep on the altar Don’t we have any WHITE sheep to sacrifice?

Any movie with an all-Carrot Top cast. :slight_smile:

Replace the cast of CSI with the Simpsons.

Gil Grissom: Homer Simpson
Catherine Willows: Marge Simpson
Nick Stokes: Nelson Muntz
Warrick Brown: Milhouse Van Houten
Sara Sidle: Mindy Simmons
Greg Sanders: Bart Simpson
Dr. Al Robbins: Dr. Nick
Capt. Jim Brass: Chief Wiggum


Sara: So what are you going to do about this strange and compelling attraction between us?

Grissom: (drools) Let’s talk about it over a box of doughnuts.

Sara & Grissom: drool in unison.

How about John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse? “Check this out… I can use the Force to keep my hair in place!”

Passion of the Christ played by the “cast” of The Osbournes

Gilligan’s Island = Star Wars:

Luke - Gilligan
Obi Wan - Skipper
Emporer - Mr. Howell
Leia - Mary Ann
Han Solo - The Professor
Jabba = Ginger
Rancor - Mrs. Howell

“Sharon! There’s dog sht on my fckin’ cross!”