Worldwide vaccination rates

I’ve been keeping an eye on this graph periodically, and I’m saddened that it doesn’t ever seem to get much about 40 MM doses / day, and doesn’t stay up there for very long when it does. Is this a manufacturing constraint at this point? Or something else in the distribution chain? I assume, unlike the US, we’re not at a demand constraint globally yet. Assuming supply, is there any new supply coming online soon to increase the pace of vaccination?

I’ve read that current production is 1.5 B per month, and expected to reach 2B/month by the end of the year. Of that, there will be only be expected 1.2B available by year end for distribution to 3rd world countries.

So: production continues to increase, but is no where near adequate to supply the whole world.

I’m confused. World population is just shy of 8 billion. At 1.5 billion/month, ramping up to 2 billion a month by years end… That’s a shit-load of vaccines.

5.66 billion doses have been administered so far, worldwide. More, much more needs to be sent to poor countries, now and as soon as possible. It seems we’ve tapped out the vaccines for much of the rich counties -there are a lot of idiots who won’t take life-saving vaccines.

I’m pretty amazed by how well we’ve done.

I’m confused too. Even if there were no one-and-done shots, we’d only need 11 billion more doses to give everyone on Earth two. It seems like we should only be a handful of months away from the total needed.

The epidemic is right now, not a handful of months from now. Production has ramped up from zero at the start of the year, and has been limited by the whole supply chain – vials, syringes, packaging --, and now, when the international agencies were expecting to turn the corner at the end of the year, what they thought they would be sending to Africa is going to third doses in the USA and Europe.

I’d love to read more about this, if you have a cite.