Worn contacts on xd-picture card. Any hope?

My main xd-picture card has stopped interfacing properly with my computer when plugged into my USB card reader. I know the problem is with the card and not the reader or computer, because my other card (the tiny-capacity one that came with my camera) works fine.

The problematic card works fine in the camera. But when plugged into the reader, each picture takes about 45 seconds to load and an error message saying “The I/O operation could not be completed before it timed out” pops up each time a picture is finished loading, requiring me to click on a button to continue.

A tech support guy at the company that made the card reader said it might be that the contacts on the xd card are worn. He said I could try wiping it gently with soft cloth. I tried this, and there was no relevant result.

I tried reformating the card (using the camera’s reformatting function, of course, not my computer’s) and there was no relevant result.

I haven’t been able to get tech support from the manufacturer of the card on the phone yet.

So anyway, anyone know anything about this stuff? If its true that the contacts are worn, am I screwed?

The warranty says it excludes physical wear, but it seems unreasonable for a card to wear down like this after just two months of normal use.


Hit up a local electronics shop, Radio Shack or camera store and find a fiberglass-bristle battery contact brush. Rub the tip back and forth briskly over the contacts until they’re nice and shiny. Blow it off with compressed duster before inserting it, and be careful–bits of fiberglass can get in your skin or in your eyes. You don’t want that.

Oh, and I probably don’t need to mention it, but obviously the above won’t help if the problem isn’t worn or dirty/corroded contacts.

A good, clean pencil eraser will also work. Be sure to remove any bits of rubber before re-inserting (if corrosion is your issue).