Worse smell:pot smoke or cigarette smoke?

I recently had the bad luck to sit on the bus next to a guy who reeked of marijuana smoke. It had me musing “Gee I kinda miss the days of sitting next to cigarette smokers, it was a lot less annoying”. So which smoke scent do you dislike more?

Cig smoke by far is the worst smelling. Pot smoke I don’t mind the smell, but it makes me vomit to actually smoke it.

Stale and lingering… they’re equally bad.
Fresh and happening… they’re equally marvelous.


(disclaimer, I’m a smoker (tobacco) and I smoked a ton of weed back in the day).

The smell of a freshly lit cigarette off in a different room just drifting in, IMO, smells great. Sitting in a smoky bar or being next to someone that smokes in their car with the windows shut is pretty gross.

The smell of pot being smoked is pretty good and it dissipates quickly. I’ve never walked into house/apartment/dorm and known that ‘people smoke weed here’ like you can know that smokers live here. And if a pot smoker’s clothes smell, it just smells like pot smoke (which ,again smells just fine to me), until it airs out in an hour or so.

To the OP: The guy you were sitting next to was probably getting high, literally, within the last few minutes. It’s not like sitting next to someone that reeks of cigarette smoke who might not have even had a cigarette in hours…it’s just that his clothes smell.

They’re both bad in different ways. I think I find fresh cigarette smoke less overwhelming than fresh pot smoke, but stale cigarette smoke is worse.

Something else I’ll add in is that I don’t mind the smell of skunk. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to hit one with my car and I really don’t like it when my dogs get sprayed and bring wipe it off on all the furniture, but driving past a field and knowing that one must have just sprayed off in the distance, I don’t mind and even kind of like sometimes.
I bring that up because the scent of skunk is very similar to the smell of good pot.

I’ve really come to loathe the smell of pot, and furthermore it carries with it a negative connotation because I can predict that the person smelling of it will be boring to talk to

Neither a pot nor a cigarette smoker here.

Cigarette smoke is merely annoying. Anyone who coughs and wheezes and makes a big deal about it is a pretentious, self-important, anti-smoking Nazi douchebag. Cigarette (and cigar) smoke has a burning, very stale smell. However pipe tobacco has an almost pleasant, campfire-like aroma to it. Pot is incomparably worse. Marijuana smoke has a pungent, skunk-like, almost chemical-irritant-esque odor. And the higher quality the pot the worse it stinks*!*

Cigarette smoke = loser, while pot smoke = good memories from my wasted youth.

I hate the smell of cigarette tobacco. It lingers. Smokers smell bad all the time. Weed dissipates. Weed smokers generally don’t smell much of it unless they just lit up a minute ago, or unless they have a baggie on them.

When the cigarette smoker two floors down from me finally moved her pathetic old sick ass out because she couldn’t make it up 12 stairs any more, the disgusting smell in my kitchen sink cabinets finally went away. The hallway that 6 other units share finally smells nice, and usually like someone’s dinner.

There’s one dude who smokes weed once or twice a day. There’s a little scent in the hall for maybe 30 minutes. He’s also very conscientious about it and uses air freshener in the hall when he’s done. Other than that, no one would know. It doesn’t linger, and he’s sure as hell more courteous about than that disgusting smoker was.

Now, pipe tobacco or cigar/cigarellos or even clove cigs, I also find far more tolerable than cigarette tobacco. Whatever it is about that stuff, it makes me want to punch people. So gross.

I used to smoke both, now I occasionally smoke cigarettes / e-cig. To me they both smell good both in their natural state and while being smoked. The smell of either on someone’s person / clothes is pretty gross.

That is the problem. I don’t really have any problem with pot smokers, but the smell is like a dead skunk’s butt…just terrible. And it seems to linger almost as much as ciggy smoke.

If pot ever becomes legal in NY, I will totally bake it into brownies. But I doubt I will ever smoke it.

Indirectly related, I’ll add that an ashtray full of cigarette butts is one of the grosses smells out there. I don’t think I’ve ever had that thought about a tray full of roaches, though.

I went weed but some of that could be because I’ve been exposed to it less.

They’re both awful, but I’ve gotta go with pot, just because it’s vastly more pungent. Cigarette smells go away fairly quickly once the smoker leaves. At least to me, pot smoke can be smelled from much further away and lingers more.

Still, it’s “very bad” versus “very very bad.” Both are horrible, and reason alone not to smoke. All smokers stink.

Both make me want to hold my breath.

I find both smells unpleasant, but cigarette smoke is very unpleasant, and it can even make my eyes and/or throat burn. Pot smells bad, but it’s generally tolerable, unless someone is actively smoking and doesn’t seem to linger as much. Oddly, I find the smell of most cigars to be neutral or even mildly pleasant.

And, for the record, I’ve never smoked cigarettes or pot, but I’ve been around people who have smoked various different kinds of both

I spent several years of my youth in the country, so I don’t mind skunk or even manure; not pleasant, sure, but not offensive in the way many folks find them. But, I really can’t agree that skunk smells remotely like pot. Skunk is less offensive, bordering on neutral, but it’s a very different smell, at least to me.

The key difference is that tobacco smell accumulates because people smoke much more cigarettes than joints. This is why cigarette smokers themselves (and their cars, homes etc.) stink far worse than the smell of one burning cigarette ember.

Cigarette smoke: Vile
Pot smoke: Never smelled it

I voted “cigarette.”

cigarette smoke is horrible smelling and I hate when I am near someone smoking and the smoke get on my clothe and hair. I like the smell of pot smoke .