Worst attention seeking behaviour you've seen?

I know most people here live in the U.S. and probably drive thus don’t take buses/trains but here in Europe where I take the bus, there’s always the same teenage kid with a shiny expensive phone or tablet blasting his unique musical tastes (mostly 80’s music). People around seem to enjoy it but it can get annoying.

I wonder if you’ve seen something else like this in any public space

I think most of us know it when we see it.

Seeing someone riding a self-balancing electric unicycle and pretending it’s the most practical way of getting from point A to point B always strikes me as the epitome of an Urban Attention Seeker ™.

Hipsters also buy single-speed (fixed gear) bikes, despite there not being a rational or logical reason to do so.

And it looks like portable cassette tapes are making a comeback.

While visiting NYC, I took the Circle Line cruise around Manhattan. There was a guy on the Jersey Shore mooning the boat. I got the impression that this was a hobby of his.
Most passengers waved and cheered.

I’m going to assume, for purposes of this thread, that something like hearing a toddler say “grandpa, watch me!” about a hundred times in one day does not count. :wink:

Music doesn’t bother me even when it isn’t to my taste. Now if someone is standing in a line fussing about the line ---- that drives me to madness. And there are a couple “known offenders” that I will avoid at the local grocer because of it.


A few weeks ago on one of the first warm days of the year in the UK as long as the run-of-the-mill attention seekers going bare-topped, I saw a young guy in his early twenties walking down the street in the town centre with a huge ghettoblaster blaring out music. I had to wonder to myself if it was 1982.

Well, not where I live, but there were a few people that ran onto the field during the final World Cup game yesterday. I’d say they were looking for attention.

Running for president when you’re nothing but a shitty businessman?

You’re talking about strangers in public, right? Not like a toddler climbing under your skirt and literally kissing your butt while you talk to their older sibling? Not that that happened to me… recently…

Last year my gf got another horse, Gracie (aka Grapeseed). She is my first experience with a mare. When she is in heat she will hold her tail off to the side and prominently display her female bits. All the males she’s around are either castrated or in a committed relationship.

Dying one’s hair flaming magenta and then glaring ferociously at anyone who looks at it for a moment. This happened to me in San Francisco (I was the looker, not the dyer).

Motorcycles and cars with loud pipes. No real reason to have them other to say to the world - look at me, look at ME!

A well-timed fart ought to put an end to such behavior.

Men outside of Scotland wearing kilts.

And I’ll second the nomination of load motorcycles.

But then the toddler would cry about being farted upon, requesting comforting… and the attention he was seeking.

Full-body tattoos and extensive piercings?

OTOH, that’s so common, it doesn’t warrant much attention any more.

This. Morons who install fart cans and gigantic wings on their POS Honda Civic and drive around the neighborhood pretending they’re a street racer, but it’s really the only thing they’ve done to the car.

And that idiot who just sits in his driveway with his motorcycle, revving the engine for hours for no reason at all.