Worst Experience in a Public Restroom

Well first of course in the walking through the flood waters of pee at a rock concert that definetely sux.

The worst one was when I was doing the “2” thing in a small bathroom at Dairy Queen one day. You know the kind of small restroom with a toilet and a sink and crappy trash can and bathroom poetry everywhere. Well I guess the door lock was broke so this 50 to 60 year old man comes in while I am sitting on the pot.

I go "excuse me I’ll be done in a minute. So he closes the door and then he knocks about 30 seconds later. I said, “I’m still busy wait a minute”. Then next thing I know he comes in and says, “I have to wash my hands now” and I said “it couldn’t wait until I’m finished?” He says, “NO, I gotta wash my hands NOW”. I answered’em back with “whatever” and tried as hard as I could let out a big fart just to get even with this old weirdo guy.

How rude huh? I mean if I see somebody on the pot(if the bathroom wasn’t locked) I leave immedietely and wait until they finish their business. Heck, I might even walk off to another part of the store so we see each other again to avoid more embarrassment.

Well what about ya’ll?

Nothing truly odd like that has happened…But all of my bad experiences have one thing in Common…
One Word…“trough”
The ladies may not know what that means, and beleive me you’re lucky.

Well lessee…

There’s the time I was at a Hardee’s taking a leak, and there’s a guy in one of the stalls gunting and moaning and grunting so hard and so loud that you could hear him outside the restroom :eek:.

There’s been several times when I’ve been in a men’s room and a man walks in with a girl of about four or so. Kinda embarassing for both of us, I’d say.

There’s the time I went into the bathroom and there was a huge turd on the floor :eek:.

There’s the time I went into the bathroom and there was a guy in one of the stalls who was so drunk, he had forgotten which way to sit on the toilet, and was sitting there facing the wrong way, with the door wide open :eek:.

And there’s the time I went into the bathroom in some small-town convenience store. It was one of those one-toilet-in-each room type things. Apparently someone a) couldn’t tell the difference between the men’s room and the women’s room, and b) had neglected to lock the door, because when I walked in, there was a 14-15-year-old girl sitting there on the toilet :eek:. Trust me, a grown man should not see a teenage girl on the toilet! There’s just something inherently wrong with that :eek:.

Back when I went to school at Pitt I had a very disturbing experience in a mens room. I’m not sure I should share, but here it goes . . .

I worked as a busboy at the time and had to go to work after school and so I would have to change into my work clothes. Once, and only once, I went to the 2nd floor of the Cathedral of Learning restroom to change. The restrooms here are bizarre. They were built in the '30s when the building was built and are wonderfully crafted in marble and brass. It is like a long corridor with stalls on either side, slightly offset so you are not looking directly at the stall across from you. Oh, and did I mention, that there are no doors on the stalls? At least not back then, so you could look into the stalls across from you.

So I went in here to change my clothes. Nobody was in the room at all. I chose a random stall, lets say #16 of 30 on one side. Just as I was almost done a man got into a stall across from me (not directly, remember, but slightly offset, but no mistake) and staring straight at me dropped his pants. I never made eye contact, just kind of stared straight ahead, buckled my belt, and left. Ugh.

I heard later that that restroom was kind of a “George Michael” room. I don’t believe that I ever went in there again. It really creeped me out. It was not Very Vaguely Creepy. It was Very Very Creepy.

Oh, and I did mention that I worked as a Busboy back then? I often had to clean the restrooms on the midnight shift. Lets NOT go there.

EVERY restroom in Britain was an absolute horror.

The only really memorable incident was being in the restroom of a Mexican restaurant and having a gaggle of bulemics come in and start relieving themselves of their hearty lunch. About 3 of them, laughing and chatting as if sticking your finger down your throat in a public restroom were as normal as combing your hair. I got out of there right away.


 University of Michigan's football stadium. It doesn't even have trough, the entire outter wall of the mens room has water running down the tiles to drains, so you just pee on the wall. Disgusting though that is, it gets lot more interested when the drunk guy next to starts puking on the wall, I really liked those shoes too.


 Halloween, I bought some dry ice to fill my dorm room with a cloud for a party, well I also thought it'd be fun to drop a block of it in one of the men's room toilets, not even thinking that a peice of dry ice (-38 degrees f) would probably freeze the water in the bowl. Did you know that a frozen toilet and sweaty butt cheeks has a similar effect to a frozen flag pole and a tongue, I don't think chris ever did forgive me...

Question on the George Michael thing-WHAT did he do, incidentally…I thought he was just caught choking the chicken.

Few different stories for me. Those with weak stomachs may want to skip the first.

First, my freshman year at Virginia Tech I lived in the largest all-male dorm on the East Coast. Uck to say the least. Anyway, the majority of my hall went out to eat one night … and just about EVERYone got sick. What’s the phrasing? Pea soup outta both ends? Anyway, one guy had to vomit … and stuff started coming out the other end as well. He couldn’t control either, so since he was crouched over vomited, he just dropped trou and it went out both ways. Oh, and this was on a Friday – no housekeeping over the weekend. So in his sickened state, he decided to best way to clean up would be to fill his (empty) wastebasket in the shower and pour it over the mess. Only problem … no drain. So for the rest of the weekend, all these sick people are having to rush to the bathroom to either puke or “run” … and there’s a thin layer of filthy water on the floor. Ugh.

Second time was actually my own doing. I was in a Hardees on my way out of Blacksburg for the VERY LAST time as a student, and decided to take a celebratory shit (okay, I just had to go). The Hardees had one of those one-person bathrooms, so I locked the door and got down to business. Apparently I had a lot of business, and the toilet wasn’t that good … because my last official act in Blacksburg as a VT student was to clog the Hardees’ toilet! :smiley:

Last one I’ve seen a few times and isn’t really gross, just weird. I’ve seen it a few times at urinals in mens rooms … guys who drop trou to pee and let their pants (and sometimes boxers) just fall to the ground, so they’re standing there half-naked pissing. Geez, hold them up with one hand, why don’tcha!! LOL

ON the way back from an out of town weekend trip with angkins, we stopped for something, I went to pee…

The restroom was clean enough, but the seat was U shaped, not an oval, and must have been lose or something, because I plopped down on it, and SOMEHOW the inside of my thigh, right near the ‘jackpot’ got pinched under the seat!!!

I couldnt re-create it if you put a gun to my head!

I had to go home to Shitboy with a mouth sized bruise on my inner thigh… I dont think he ever did beleive me. Hell, I was there,and I dont beleive me!

…He was around 12 and his younger brother was about 6. They went into a bathroom, and it was filthy dirty. The one stall was clogged, and the urinal was being utilized by a bum who was jerking off into it while staring at a playboy. His little brother really had to pee, and the bum moved back just enough so that there was room for him to squeeze in between his dick and the urinal. My friend and his brother ran, and my friend hasn’t gone back to a public restroom since.

Does a Mexican outhouse count as a public restroom? Then again, it was in the middle of nowhere at this church where me and a team of people were cleaning up.

I really really had to pee, so after searching around I found this outhouse among the weeds off in the distance.

I opened the creaky, splintery wooden door and a team of gecko lizards scurried out. I let out quite a scream.

My friend rushed to the scene. I told her that I refused to go into the bathroom until the geckos were all gone.

She came back a few moments later to tell me that all the geckos had run off into the field, but I didn’t believe her. I didn’t care though, I still used it regardless.

Two words: Upper Decker :eek:

split descision:

  1. I was really hammered at a karaoke bar and when I went to go pee I, for some reason, took off my shirt but did not take down my pants. Fortunately someone was there with a camera and made sure I would always remember the special occasion. This is one reason I never weak kahkis when I drink anymore.

  2. in the 1st floor mens’ room at the downdown Portland public library a scary man offered me 50$ to pee on him. I was freaked out. In retrospect think I should have done it, but at the time it was scary. :frowning:

I remember once I felt suddenly very ill out in public. I think it was food poisoning. I got to the nearest public restroom just in time and was in a stall being very noisily sick in multiple ways, but managing to be neat and flush often enough that the mess was contained. I realized the stench and noise were not pleasant, but that did not excuse some harpy from beating on the door the entire time screaming at me that I should be ashamed of myself for doing that sort of thing in a public restroom and especially ashamed of the noise I was making. WTF?

I was in a bathroom at the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool, “doing #2”. The lock was broken and the door would swing open if you didn’t balance it in place. Of course, hard to wipe and to balance. While I was wiping, a Liverpudlian opened the door and saw me stooling. We were both slightly embarassed. He murmured something in an accent so thick it might as well have been baby babble. I don’t have a clue what he said.

Absolutely the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen was at a phish show in NJ

First of all trying to get 10,000+ drunk phish-heads to throw up/piss at once is a challenge. So, their solution was to piss/vomit… anywhere. Lines of 10+ people to piss in each <i>sink</i>, as well as a line to piss in a janitor’s closet, and people standing on the wall next to the last urinal micturating into the corner of the room. Ick. Coupled with the hoots and yells of “He’ll be back for more!” everytime anyone threw up, it was a very entertaining trip to the restroom

I got 2 actually, and yes, one is one of my infinate India storys so I might as well say that one too. In India, I dont know if you guys know it or not, but you go where you want to. Got a wall? pee on it. secludeded sidewalk? take a crap. I mean I diddnt crap on a road or anything, but if you were on a train, you had a small hole to crap or pee in. went right onto the tracks. also, first 10 minutes of getting out of the Airport when I first arived, I did see a girl on the side of the road doin her buisness. :eek: I know its not about someone barging in, but I just thought that was nasty enough to share with all of you.
The other one actually did involve someone barging in. I was eh, 6 or 7 at the time and was at a McDonalds and had to go to the pot. Well poor Caesar here is lactose intolerant and diddnt know at the time, so I wassnt feeling well. One stall in this small bathroom and someone walks in. Feeling jittery as I was…BAM BAM BAM! this guy pounds on the stall. still not feeling well I yelled just a minute. well, this guy does it 30 seconds later. I told him the same thing. this happens atleast 3 more times and I’m really getting scared of this guy. This guy litterally YELLS at me then that he has to go. So not quite being finished and still not feeling good I tidied up if you will and left…and I noticed something about this guy. He was wearing a McDonalds outfit. I went and told my dad and Dad furious went to the manager and explained the situation. meanwhile I go back into the bathroom to see what this guy is doing. I went in and all his clothes were on the ground and he was still crapping. I felt just as bad as that guy and he bullyed me out of there. We left and as we left we saw the man go to his car. He was fired. Justice is good. Note to all of you, if your mean enough to force a little boy out of a restroom, you deserve to be fired too. :slight_smile:

Well, I have to say that the worst experience I’ve ever had wasn’t really so much disgusting as it was troubling (I lived in a dorm for a year, so the disgusting is rather mundane!) I was on my way to college for the first time and we stopped at a Bob Evans to grab a bite to eat (not that I touched a bite as I was nervous as all hell!!!) I went into the restroom and in the stall, not closed, was a 3-4 year old girl with her pants around her ankles standing there (like she was peeing like a man, I suppose). Needless to say, there would have been a lot of questions had I been caught in there, so I got the hell out of there!!! The really troubling thing is that a few minutes later my dad went to the bathroom as well and she was still there. I never figured out who the father was, but I doubt he was a very good one, leaving his daughter there to get raped by a pedophile! :frowning:

The latrines of Camp Pipsico are legendary among the scouts of Hampton Roads. Once , after using them I made the mistake of looking down. Imagine a pool of raw sewage writhing with maggots.

'nuff said.