Worst Incentives Ever

Okay, a lot of companies give away things in order to help get others to purchase they’re product/services, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, they’re really nice. I belive it’s Southwest Airlines that just put out a credit card that if you sign up for it, you get 500 free airline miles, and extra miles for other purchases. That’s good. But there are some pretty lame ones out there, so I’m looking for teh worst.

Personally, there’s a Chevron station up by my work that has been advertising for the past few months that if you get a Chevron card, you also get a free DVD of On the Line (you know, that movie staring Lance and Buttfuck from N’Synch). For some reason, this doesn’t seem to be a very good reason to get a Chevron card. I mean, the movie is directed to 14 year old girls, who can’t drive. So, thier audience is just off, and two, it’s a really shitty movie (haven’t seen it myself. I like crappy movies, but I draw the line at crap on film).

a bunch of lame-o casinos in the area brag up the fact that you’ll get a ** free liter bottle of 7-Up** with every 4-of-a-kind you hit on the quarter slots!

big freakin’ deal! like any gambling junkie pumping quarters faster than a hand-job is playing for 7-Up! With the money you waste gambling, you could buy a truck load of 7-Up. Give me the money, dammit! I’ll buy my own damn 7-Up liter bottle at 7-11 for $1.50 (which is how much ONE hand on video poker costs with max coins bet)