Worst Job Interview You Were the Inteviewer On

Here’s another one. Interviewed a guy who was just entering the field. Explained multiple times how he was learning the field from his extremely well-qualified sister because in his words “he knew nothing but had some ideas”. After the interview I turn to the rest of the committee and say, “I think we should hire the sister.”

While we’re on the subject of resumes, impressive or otherwise, at that same school I mentioned, they were interviewing for some more advisers/test writers. One applicant – whom I did not interview, but we all heard about him – had “Co-Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize” on his resume. And it was sort of true. One year the prize had gone to the UN Peacekeeping Forces, and he was one of the Blue Helmets at the time.

Going back to applicants noting hobbies: Many years ago, I applied for an account rep position at a jewelry manufacturer. A large portion of the job entailed counting and evaluating stones and close inspection of the finished product.
I got the job because I noted I cross stitch/ do needlework. The hiring manager stated it showed I have an eye for detail.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be a crap job for a crap company, and if I ever have the need to count and evaluate 2000 diamond chips I’d probably sit in a corner and cry, but that’s neither here nor there.

Darn near any tiresome simple task gets painful if repeated enough.

Years ago I co-owned a laundromat. You can’t imagine how quickly it becomes just awful to count and stack giant table-filling piles of your very own money. Gleeful Scrooge McDuck work it was not.

Lest anyone think I’m stealth-bragging, this was all $1s and $5s, so the actual dollar value of a table-filling pile wasn’t very impressive, especially versus the costs of running a laundromat.

Or that she was a divorcee, but only only the envelope should have been addressed to Mrs. Elmer Doe; since this was a social letter the salutation should have been Dear Mary.

I made a mistake in that post and CairoCarol corrected me. Mrs Mary Doe is a divorcee. Mrs Elmer Doe is married or a widow.

Oooh, I like that, it gives me ideas! As I was working as a free lancer (!) for the EU when they received a Nobel Price (yeah, 2012, it was peace too, contributed greatly to that price losing credibility) I could write that too in my resumé. I see it makes a lasting impression :smile:

I have interviewed a number of applicants for positions in our medical group.

One time we had an opening on our downtown hospital staff. I asked the applicant (who lived in the suburbs) if she was OK making the daily commute. Oh no - she had decided she was going to work at my hospital instead, no inner city for her. Since somebody in our group had to fill that slot, if she’d gotten her wish the transferee would’ve been the person with the least seniority, which at that time was me.
This did not make me especially enthusiastic about recommending her for the job.

As it developed, she probably would’ve gotten an offer except she also demanded immediate partnership status, which was a no-go.

This opens up visions of you thundering across the EU on a horse poking people with a sharp stick.
I guess the Nobel Price is Right :grin:

Only it wasn’t a horse I rode, but a motorcycle, and it was not a sharp stick, but a cat 'o nine tails I swung, but yeah, the Nobel Price is right, I guess too… for me. Because that’s what you meant, right? :smirk: