Worst movie of 2013?

It has to be one you actually sat through, mind you. I kind of assume Movie 43 was the worst movie, but I have not seen it an never will.

For me, it was Die Hard 5, which was a gigantic step downwards and the worst of the series. And this is coming from a guy who thought Die Hard 4 was great.

It’s boring, nonsensical, very hard to follow, and completely forgettable. It’s a mess from the beginning and has nothing redeeming about it. I don’t even think Bruce Willis is playing the same character in this one.

What was yours?

World War Z.

Probably the most poorly edited film of the year, and a waste of the source material.

I’m going with Star Trek: Into Darkness. I’m sure there were worse movies released this year but I avoided them. And Star Trek: Into Darkness was legitimately bad.

For reference, here’s a handy listing of every movie released in 2013.

Of what I’ve seen, I’m going to go with Grown Ups 2.

I would say that it was a pretty good movie for the first 75%, but then the floor dropped out of it and it was terrible in its final 25%.

I did not enjoy The Call and Olympus has Fallen was pretty bad as well.

I’ll go with this. I’m usually pretty good about avoiding bad movies, but I HAVE to see a Star Trek movie, right? They’re like Bond movies - I haven’t missed one yet and I’m not about to start.

At least it wasn’t bad in a “poorly made” sort of way. More of an ill-conceived idea and total lack of understanding of the point of the franchise sort of way.

H’m. Either Elysium or The Hobbit: The Desolation etc..
While I think the latter was the ‘better’ movie overall, it was more disappointing to me personally.
Lots of forgettable movies last year, for that matter.

Gangster Squad.

Runners up are The Wolverine, The Fifth Estate, and Jobs.

There are some articles listing Rotten Tomatoes worst reviewed films of 2013. But there were several "0"s I think. They only include “widely seen” movies.

Here’s the Razzies list. I think After Earth is a lock for the Razzie win. You can just smell the stink reading about it. Family vanity project with a Scientology theme. Phewww.

The makers of The Big Wedding and Paranoia must be thankful for Movie 43 so they didn’t produce the crappiest movie with the most quality people.

I’ve thought a bit more and would rank the ones I’ve seen like this, with #1 being the worst and downwards being marginally better.

  1. Die Hard 5
  2. Elysium - total snoozefest and not very well thought out.
  3. Oz the Great and Powerful - Oh, Sam Raimi, have we lost you?
  4. Lone Ranger - total snoozefest
  5. Star Trek Into Darkness - they had so many better options for the story’s direction.
    Biggest disappointment was probably Star Trek Into Darkness. I still want a sequel where they keep Khan alive, but sedated and use his blood to cure people. We’d have a great shot of Khan saying, “Kill…me…please” while they continue to drain him over and over again.

Oz the Great and Powerful should have been adequate, but James Franco was completely miscast. It’s also a mess of a movie in general, though. Script needed a re-write and the edit needed to be revisited.

Elysium is not a good script and that can not be fixed once in production.

Lone Ranger? It just sucked and was way too long.

I saw Movie 43, and I’ll be happy to vote for it as worst of the year. It lacked the daffy inspiration of Kentucky Fried Movie and The Groove Tube, while keeping all the vulgarity.

Into Darkness was probably the worst movie I saw this year. Had all the problems of the first film, but without the stuff that made the first film watchable.

No, they lost me right at the beginning. It happened as soon as I saw the Enterprise underwater.

…I can’t be alone in liking Into Darkness, can I? Can I?

As for The Lone Ranger, that’s more of a disappointment to me than anything else, having liked TLR since I was a kid (thanks to a couple of LR cartoons). It did have elements to recommend it, but there were just too many threads that led nowhere.

I think the problem was, instead of being true to the original legend and just fine-tuning what needed to be fine-tuned, they tried to shoehorn the Lone Ranger mythos into a Pirates of the Caribbean mold. And it IS a shame, because it might have been something good.

Thank God I didn’t rent this during Christmas like I wanted to, but a week or so ago I watched All is Bright with Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti. Cons selling Christmas trees. Listed as a comedy. It does sound funny, right?
Scenes to slit your wrists by. Dismal (literally) beyond belief. The only “bright” was Sally Hawkins.
Fortunately I rented Girl Most Likely at the same time. I recommend it.

“Elysium” was easily the worst movie I saw in 2013. I’ve never seen so much money spent on such a terrible story.

:eek: That was 2013!? (Googles… yes…). Thread win, but then that one is like using dynamite in rock-paper-scissors. No fair. You know, there are plenty of movies that look good in the trailer and turn out to be crap. That one was obviously awful from the get-go, and yet there are tons of stars in it unlike all those “<Blank> Movie” films. I guess the coke must’ve been good.

I saw Star Trek. All of you are engaging in serious hyperbole offenses, but I also ask you: did you not see the first one? Both films caused the critics to ejaculate on themselves. I saw both and felt “meh.” But I really didn’t see how the second was worse than the first. I didn’t hear anything specifically bad about Elysium. World War Z was critically okay, but obviously book fans didn’t like it.

But if we’re going only for critically acclaimed big budget films that we didn’t like, I’ll go with Prometheus. Yeah, it was from 2012 but that one stunk into another year.

I love Movie 43. The black basketball team. The murderous cartoon cat. The Merchant - Berry insane date. The home-schooled kid. Sure, the sketches are just gross for the sake of gross-ness, but I don’t consider that a negative. So I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

I’m going with Oblivion (admittedly, haven’t seen most movies on the list) just because of the terrible wastage of money and talent on something filled with giant plot holes.

I saw this on cable and the problem with the script wasn’t so much it needed to be rewritten but that it had been rewritten too much already. When I saw it, I couldn’t escape the feeling that at every stage the Disney execs were busy recommending changes to the script on the grounds they didn’t want the end product to turn out “too dark”.

Also, as I said in the “Oz the Great and Powerful” thread, it’s a damn dirty shame Terry Gilliam didn’t direct this movie instead.

Finally, I agree that Franco was miscast. And Mila Kunis acted more like a spoiled brat than the Wicked Witch of the West.