Worst Program Guide Description of All Time

Tonight on CSI: “Grissom finds a clue”

I know that there isn’t much room in the grid, guys, but at least make an effort.

That one was from my local newspaper, but I’ve seen some pretty bizarre ones for old movies on the cable channel guide.

What are some of your favorites?

“A young girl finds herself transported to a strange land where she kills the first woman she encounters. She than joins up with three natives of the land to hunt down and kill the woman’s sister.”

The Wizard of Oz

THAT should be a new thread!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that one already. It may have been on a different board, however…

Sometimes on our digital cable menu for “Law & Order: SVU” all it says is, “The Special Victims Unit hunt down a rapist”.

Well, yeah, just about every episode is like that.

Saturday Night Live had Shirley Manson’s band playing. The description read simply: “Music: Garbage.”

Slightly off topic, but also slightly related, and definitely related to Biffy’s post.

A few weeks ago I was watching a promo on the station, and the band come on and say

I remember TV Guide (years ago) would always give this informative description:

11:30 The Tonight Show - Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon.

On rare occassions they might list one guest, but they would always list Johnny and Ed.

I remember that thread fondly.

One sentence summaries that miss the point. Warning, spoilers for all kinds of things.

I remember one:

Stargate SG1: “The group travels to a strange planet.” Well, hell, that’s the point of the title object.

DirecTV makes the worst use of their limited description space.

Title of Movie, Year of Release, the names of two or three of the main actors, followed by a generic description, which is followed again by the names of the main actors.

One time, my digital cable listed the information for an episode of X-Files in French for no fathomable reason.

On the topic of X-Files, I remember once seeing an episode description along the lines of “Mulder and Scully investigate strange events in a small town”. Well, that only covers a good 2/3 of the episodes, so I guess it narrows it down a little.

“They ALMOST get off the island.”

10pm HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry angers someone.

My favorite was for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where the program guide writers clearly (and safely) assumed that everyone has seen the movie at least 12 times):

Aqua Teen Hunger Force;

Master Shake catches schizophrenia from a toilet seat.

For the episode of Futurama titled “The Sting” my Tivo’s episode description was:

I read a description of a movie on Charter’s On Demand once that contained the sentence “Or something.” at the end. No, I can’t remember the name of the movie. Obviously, the description was more entertaining than the actual movie.

From Touched by an Angel: " Monica and Tess help a young woman to regain her faith."