Worst ST:TNG episode?

My vote goes to…“Data’s Day”. The ever-boring Keiko and Miles relationship culminates in a wedding, Data learns to dance, and basically nothing else of importance happens.

Yeah, I guess “Shades of Grey” is potentially worse, but it was a clip show and I’m not sure if it ought to count.

The episode that focused on those four or five young officers going about their lives on the ship. I didn’t care for them at all. It was weird and everyone was acting like a jerk. Nurse Ogawa was also marginilized despite the fact she had been with the crew since the beginning.

Hmmm, might as well mention the episode of the planet of the oversexed white people who almost execute Wesley. Why didn’t they follow through?

Now the episode with the planet of the black people…THAT ruled!

I’d have to go with “Shades of Grey” A clip show filmed during what, the second season? Pretty thin.

I thought “Below Decks” (?-- the one with the young officers) was fun.

No offence to Wil Wheaton, but his last appearance in the series was just painful.

I don’t remember his last appearance, but if it was billed as such, it couldn’t have been all THAT painful. :wink:

I hated the one where Wesley got caught up in some either hippie commune planet or native American planet (or some such whooey), and he decided to go native, resigning his commission from Starfleet. This one was horrible, for it coupled the tantalizing but ultimately futile proposition that this MIGHT be Wesley’s last show with especially bad writing and a silly premise that made all involved look like idiots. Here’s the Commander of a multi-trillion dollar spaceship and his Best Boy (or whatever Wesley’s title is) is refusing direct commands and, generally, making him look like an ass. I don’t care if you DO want to bang his mother, dammit Picard, show some spine!

I don’t have the slightest idea what Troi was doing in this episode, but I’m sure she was completely useless in whatever situation they fell into: “Oh, I’m getting a lot of anger…” shakes her head, frowning “… Oh, they kicked me out. I didn’t get a lot of facts” thanks, Deanna “but I got a sense of pain that has lasted a million years.” :rolleyes:

Worf probably got his ass kicked somewhere in this episode. Stupid bint had to lose at least once an episode - they’d be taken hostage, or some really strong Klingon chick would kick his butt in the holodeck, or something.

Yeah, that was it.

That was his last appearance? Really?

Oops. Hit “Submit” too soon.

In the episode I described, I seem to remember him coming to his senses and asking Picard what to do. Picard, being the big-hearted oaf that he is, let Wesley in on the fact that Picard didn’t submit the resignation, so Wesley was still a member of Starfleet.

There was much wailing and gnashing of the teeth at my house when that happened, I can tell you!

This one… right?

Just awful.

I’d have to say “A fist full of Datas” - or whatever it was called. A holodeck episode in which, for reasons beyond the ken of man, every character in the already bad western set ends up being played by Data.

What about the one where Beverly Crusher suddenly developed an interest in shield technology and then went absolutely nuts investigating a murder on board?

Or the one that starts good enough - the enterprise is destroyed in a huge explosion. But after seeing the same scene 6 times you start to say, “You know, I may be happy to simply let it blow up.” Especially since the solution to the problem is so utterly idiotic.

Yeah, that’s it. Thanks, Darth!

Huh. Two of my favorite episodes were mentioned in this this thread: “Data’s Day”, and “Below Decks”. The former had Data’s dance lesson, which I thought was one of the funnier moments on the show.

Below Decks was cool because it focused on other people, and how they viewed the characters we knew so well. Did you notice how they filmed Patrick Stewart from below when he was chewing out the girl? Made him look intimidating and stern, as the captain might be viewed by underlings.

Anyway, I agree about the last Wil Wheaton episode. Come to think of it, just about any episode centering around him was pretty lame.

Spock’s Brain!
[goes back and sees TNG in title of thread]
Night Terrors!

This is exactly right. I’d be surprised if most folks who haven’t been both underling and top management hasn’t seen this and recognized themselves in both roles (not unlike myself and Bull Durham).

I nominate that dumbass final season episode where the Enterprise uses replicator and teleporter technology to reproduce. That’s the one that made me believe that it was time to end it and move on.

Let’s see, Picard’s ship gets blown up six times in the same episode, and people think he’s a better captain than Kirk? :confused:

Personally, in addition to the episodes that have been named, I’d have to add the entire first two seasons of TNG. While they were okay when they first aired, since us Trekkies were finally able to obtain a ST fix, they just don’t hold up well at all.

I liked Below Decks too, its one of my fav’s.

“Star trek is a show about people”

Just about anything in the first season was horrible.

They regressed to children. I hate children on ST.

“Genesis” - Barclay is given a shot by Crusher and ends up infecting everyone on board who then revert to some pimal creature.

This was directed by Gates McFadden. Having her direct is like giving the keys to Troi.

the one where everyone was eating dinner at starfleet command, and the dinner was all maggots or something, revealing that starfleet had been infected by these “neckworms” or what have you that attach to the back of your neck and take over your mind.

Yeah, that one.

Just off the top of my head, I’d nominate “The Outrageous Okona” for daring to suggest that Joe Piscopo should be consulted in matters of comedy. That one scene with the Jerry Lewis teeth, where he and Data whoop it up, it still makes me weep, deep inside.

Add to that the fact that the titular Okona wasn’t, after all, really all that outrageous.

Either that or the one episode where the Enterprise runs across the Space Irish, who have evidently managed to forget how to drive their own fricking spaceship. These Irish, were they perhaps related to the prison colony of Space Irish in Battlestar Galactica, who were too thick to escape from a cell with unlocked doors? Why don’t the Irish get any respect in space?