Worst stock photo ever! Designer Vaginas!

Ok so the train sex couple article had a link to this article.

About ‘designer vaginas’.
SFW yes, but not safe if you have food in you.

Yikes! Having a bit of sympathy now for guys cringing at the thought of anything sharp getting near the boys.

Supermodel? Really? Supermodel vaginas? That’s what your average woman who is silly enough to get a cosmetic vaginoplasty is trying to emulate?

How do they know what supermodel vaginas look like?



Raise your hand if you clicked on it.

I admit it. I did. :rolleyes:

I can’t recall ever seeing a supermodel’s vagina. I don’t want to. Even the Victoria Not So Secret ads don’t show vahjayjays (yet).
I had heard of the labia surgery, but not the vagina tuck or whatever. Dr Kegel is turning over in his (her?) grave…

You know, of all the body parts I could possibly imagine having surgically enhanced that one would never have occured to me. How much face time do I expect men to have…you know, now that I am thinking a bit I won’t ask that question! :stuck_out_tongue:

It reminds me of a line from a Joseph Heller novel, God Knows.
Shepherding, like cunnilingus, is dark and lonely work.

In all seriousness, folks (despite the levity of the subject matter), if you’ve lost a large amount of weight, and you’re a female, you may need a ‘mons lift’, i.e., a re-sectioning of your labia, so it is not so “fattty”.

As a weight loss surgery patient who has lost more than 130lbs I am looking at getting this surgery in the not-too-distant-future. Not to emulate super-models, but just to look ‘normal’, the way my tummy tuck and brachioplasty (‘bat-wing’ surgery) will make me look.

My hubby loves me, regardless. But when I look in the mirror, I see a freak. Now (as opposed to when I was 335lbs), I look better with clothes on than off.

So that’s what the kids are calling it these days?

According to Mario Puzo, this kind of surgery is nothing new, but I wish I’d learned about it from someone else.

Guilty as charged.

I clicked.

I admit it, I clicked.

The former certainly sounds lonelier than the latter.:wink:

I felt the temptation, but did not click. I decided that I didn’t care enough whether such a site existed or you made up the URL (I vote on the latter.)

I clicked, and then re-clicked then the page didn’t load properly. Then I copied and pasted just to make sure.

Ruling out those women who, indeed, have some physical anomaly (whether by birth, accident, or severe weight gain/loss) this just does not strike me as a good idea.

First of all, I have yet to hear ANY man complain that a vagina he gets to play with is “unattractive” or “ugly”. Probably there are some, if you look hard enough you can find any sexual kink, but the average man seems quite content to get access to even an average or ordinary vagina. Now that I think about it, I can’t recall any lesbians complaining about vagina shapes, either, although I will admit that the lesbians I have heard commenting on vagina is a MUCH smaller number than the number of men I have heard commenting on them. So who is this operation for? It’s not like you can easily see your own vagina - you need a mirror at the very least.

Second - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I want to know who the hell wouldn’t click.

Nice ShibbOleth. Well played.