Worst Week: A Very Funny Show!

I had no idea how this show would keep it up, but so far, after the third airing, it is still very funny.

No laugh track and 90% sight gags, but probably one of the funniest new shows to hit the air in a long time.

Anybody else watching?

Sorry, I gotta disagree. It is so obvious it’s ridiculous - every joke is telegraphed wa-a-aaay ahead of time. I can’t imagine cracking a smile at any of them. I booted it off the DVR after the second ep, even though I began to doubt it DVR-worthiness about 5 minutes into the pilot.

Yeeeuch. Sorry, but I must agree with singular1. It pivots around a guy acting in the dumbest, most unrealistic possible manner and ridiculous chains of coincidences. It was painful to watch, even.

I hate to be part of a pile-on, but I’m with the people who think it sucks. It is in my “this year’s worst” list, along with Kath and Kim.

It’s fucking hilarious. The objections of other posters are certainly correct, but irrelevant. The crises are telegraphed well in advance, true, but that’s the beauty of the show. You know it’s coming, and then just enough time passes that you maybe forget it’s coming – and then the truck explodes. The cast is great in selling it – Bornheimer in particular. He’s klutzy, and he’s (understandably) anxious about these people’s opinions, and that causes him to lose control of the snowball. But he’s not an oblivious character like Michael on The Office – he knows how bad it’s getting. But he also knows there’s nothing to do but muddle onwards. Whenever I see the show, I can’t stop laughing.


My buddy has been cast to play an office buddy of the lead Sam(?), he’ll appear in the episode airing on 10/27. So, I have been trying to watch this show to give it my support…but I gotta tell ya’, I can’t make it through an entire episode. It is definitely the effective cringe inducement of the plotting and action that keeps me from enjoying it (sorry, I don’t like to feel that uncomfortable).

Seconded. I love it, but the girlfriend hates it for the reasons mentioned above.

See, I don’t get this from the show at all. It should be the comedy of awkwardness, yes, but it isn’t. Not to me, anyway. I cringe a lot when watching The Office. I don’t when watching Worst Week. I just laugh.


Count me in as an “I don’t care for it” person.

I was really excited because I like ‘Red Foreman’, but it’s just to painful to watch with no pay off.

Not entertaining at all. (to me)

Interesting comparisons between Worst Week and The Office.

I have never like The Office (American or British version) as it just seemed to be somewhat mean-spirited. The characters never seem to care what happens to other characters until after the fact - if then.

Worst Week is about a guy who is trying desperately to do things right and going out of his way to make people like him. Nothing works as planned, but damn - that guy is going to win these people over if it kills them all!

Bad bad bad.

Negative points for featuring a crying baby on it. :mad:

This seems to be a really polarizing show - people either love it or hate it. I hate it - I don’t understand what people are seeing in it when they say they think it’s funny. It’s just awful for me.