Would a widower (or widow) have an easier time being elected president?

In the Film “The American President,” Th president is a widower with a child, and because of this, he is not open to attacks on his character from the Pubbies, because they would be seen as jerks. As the president starts dating again, though, this changes.

But that is not really my point. My topic for debate is, if someone were running for president, and before the election his spouse died, would he get a substantial sympathy vote? If so, would it help him overcome a preexisting deficit (say, when the death happened, he was losing by say 4-8 points)? And more importantly, how would the opposing politician be able to rebound from this, and would it be possible to bring about a character debate without coming across as a complete jerk?

Related, more opinion centric question: Does Tipper dieing August 2000 give Gore the presidency?

No one’s bothered to reply to this, so I thought I might.

There we go.

I could see many people who were otherwise indecisive giving Gore the vote out of pity. I don’t know if it would have been enough to change the election, though.

As long as we’re here, I hope you don’t mind if I add on some questions of my own. I’m curious about marital status of presidents in general. I know next to nothing about the American presidents, but I’m pretty sure there have been some bachelors in the Oval Office. Was that a help or a hindrance? Do you think an unmarried person running today would have more difficulty than their married opponent?

I’d consider the recent loss of a loved one to be a reason NOT to vote for a candidate, after all they will be under a lot of stress from the loss and i dont think they need MORE responsiblity heaped upon them.

Indeed I wouldnt trust them with that power, possible emotional instability/depression combined with the old nuclear red button…not a pretty picture.

Think of it this way.

Your potential presidential candidate’s wife/husband has died. Why? Because god has punished him/her for being evil. So, he/she shoudn’t be president.

AFAIK there was only one bachelor. James Buchanan was not married before or during his time and office. Whether or not this was an issue during his race for office, I do not know.

I’m aware of no other bachelor Presidents in American history.