Would Dean for President + Gore as VP be a winning ticket?

Is this politically feasible? Would it be a good idea campaign strategy-wise for Dean and Gore to partner up this way?

Gore is still respected, although many of us still resent the way he ran such a lackluster campaign, but methinks these guys are really too much alike. There’s not enough of a contrast to excite the voters. And I can see the ads now–just dust off the anti-Clinton/Gore ones from 2000.

No. Gore’s endorsement of Dean has proven that he’s still a player, but Gore fits better as a veteran of politics who can dispense advice and move the electorate some, but at least for the time being he’s not exactly candidate material. I imagine this will change in the future, but probably not for a while. Certainly not in time for him to land a vice presidential slot. I imagine he’ll get a stint in the Dean administration, if Dean wins (and if the Supreme Court doesn’t overturn his win.) After the hypothetical Dean administration is over, I can see Gore running for his old Senate seat or possibly as governor of Tennessee, but don’t look for him on another presidential ticket, and don’t look for him as a candidate for anything for the next ten years, approximately.

A Dean/Gore ticket wouldn’t work; they’re too different. While neither is a liberal, they’re not exactly cut from the same political cloth.

Then there’s the notion of a former vice president running as a vice president on someone else’s ticket. I don’t think that’s ever happened before, but I have a feeling that no former vice president would ever want to do it. I don’t imagine that would appeal to voters particularly, either. Of course, there’s always a first time…

We can expect to hear Gore’s name tossed around an awful lot, just like Hillary Clinton’s name. These are good fundraising tactics for Republicans—raising the specter of tried-and-true Democrats breathing new life into tickets. I can’t imagine either Gore or Senator Clinton breathing much life into Dean’s efforts, if they were to be his running mate, but it sure gets the righties worked up.

I’m a conservative Republican, so wouldn’t vote for either of these guys. But I wouldn’t hold my breath looking for this ticket.

Gore ran for President twice, unsuccessfully, and Vice-President twice, successfully. Having run for the top spot, though, he’s not going to be anybody’s Number 2 anymore.

His endorsement of Dean was granted so as to appear to be a Democratic Party kingmaker. Accepting the position of running mate would subordinate his freedom of political movement to the ticket and cede power to Dean. Gore then loses power in the party in relation to other players, especially Hillary Clinton.

Gore will stay in retirement making speeches rather than see this happen.

I gotta agree with the inscrutable Japanese superspy. Losing one presidential election, then running again as VP would make him look like an utter failure.

Uh… more like an utter failure, I mean.

I guess two birds of a feather
Could run and lose together.

Hot, damn!!! I’m a poet and didn’t know it. ;j

You know what’d be a really good ticket? Howard Dean and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Just as likely as Dean/Gore if you ask me…

Gore’s kinda outsize for the #2 slot. I don’t think he’s going to be anyone’s veep.

I think Dean/Clark is where we’re headed, with any luck.