Would it be better to remake the Devil wears Prada, or sequel it.

Was just watching it last night again, and the movie had me falling down laughing at times. But time has moved on from the 2000’s, what has time done for Andy.

I don’t know if Anne Hathaway would be of an age to be senior editor of Runway, or if Merryl Streep is still holding on til the end. And who you see being the new Andy.

I see it as being a reasonably self-contained story, with no need for either. At best, they could do another story about how Hathaway’s character maintains her relationship with her boyfriend who just moved to another city, and perhaps she’s telecommuting or traveling for work, but the magazine she was working for in the first movie is out of the story.

Why do either? It’s a good movie already; a remake or sequel is unlikely to be as good.

Perhaps a spin-off that consists of Emily Blunt being snotty and snobby. That would be fun.

Thanks for the replies folks

How about a sequel in which the fashion magazine featured in the first film is failing but the Anne Hathaway character (who was an assistant in the first film) is running a successful fashion website? Sort of a role reversal.

I just had the image of Emily Blunt taking over the Streep role, and after watching Magnum PI on monday, I want to see Perdita Weaks playing the original Emily Blunt role. Now we just gotta find someone to take over the Hathaway role. So far, the fastasy casting comes down to Poppy Drayton or Stella Maeve.