Would it be fun to create a music playlist made by SDMB members?

I made an account at www.playlist.com
I’m thinking…how about we all log into the account and put a few songs on a playlist?
Due to many possible trolls reading this board, though, I’m not going to post the password here, but rather I’ll PM it to anyone interested.

It might be fun to get a huge playlist (and playlists on playlist.com can have up to 200 songs on it), though.

Here are the steps:

  1. If you’re interested, reply to this topic and I’ll PM you the password.

  2. You will then go to playlist.com and sign in.

  3. Search for artists or song titles via the search engine there. They seem to have a very huge database of full songs.

  4. When you find the right song/artist, click the play button to see if it works first, If it does, click the plus sign/add button to add it to the playlist (remember to be logged in first).

  5. Add anywhere from 4-6 songs then sign out.

And finally, here’s a link (that can be accessed by anyone) to the playlist:

I have added one song, so far. Who wants to be the next to add a few songs? Anyone?

Sounds neat, I’d like to add a few.

Yeah, I’ll do it.

Pass sent to both of you.

Fun idea! I’d like to also!

Got mine added.

Added 3!

All of you that have the password now can log in and add more as many times as you like, if you think of some. You can also create more playlists, if you wish, under that account. An account can have an infinite number of playlists as far as I know.

There’s nothing on that site to indicate whether or not the artists/copryright holders/recording companies are getting paid for the use of their music. Do you know if they are? It would affect my willingness to participate.

I’m pretty sure that playlist.com is like ovguide is to movies and TV. That they don’t actually host the music on the site itself, but rather they just give direct links to where it is elsewhere on the internet.

sounds like fun. PM me.

Me too please?


Did you miss the legal page? It mentions that they do their best to only gather legally available music. But even if they make a mistake, they still pay the appropriate royalties, and will let the copyright owner take it down.

For the type of service playlist.com is, I don’t see how they could do any better.

Thank you, BigT. Er…did you want to add a few songs?

Thanks Idle Thoughts!

Props to the person who added “Eleventh Earl of Mar”! That one’s pretty obscure.

Shit, I won’t listen to a playlist I wrote more than once. Why would I expect someone else to listen to it?

FTR, “Eleventh Earl of Mar” is not particularly obscure.

ETA: You want pretentious? I’ll give you PRETENTIOUS! Twas a time, just after it was released, that I found “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” pretentious and boring.

That was both the day it was released and a couple years ago.

And today.

I’d go with obscure on this one.

My rather eclectic selections are up now :slight_smile: