Would it be possible?

Would it work to form some kind of NPO the provides physical security, legal support, life assistance, etc to people who are victims of agressive religious and or racial discrimination?
Would people donate to something like this?

Would it cause more problems than its worth?

I think this could work myself, just out of curiosity I am looking for potential problems and or opponents who would see this as a threat to be countered somehow in court.

How would they go about disbanding something like this legally?

It’s too broad. There are already NPOs that provide different kinds of support to different kinds of groups in need, but to provide all the types of support that you’re specifying, to such a large group of people–it’s too much.

You’d need to narrow it down some.

And how are you going to define “victims of racial and/or religious discrimination”? Seems to me that you’d have everyone with a beef against the KKK or the Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking at your door. “Hey, I’m a victim, too, can I get in on this?”

An excellent example of a narrowed down organization is the Native American Rights Fund (NARF). They serve as both an information clearing house and a non-profit law firm. Tom Tureen, the current warhorse of American Indian law, first cut his teeth at NARF.

this was my greatest doubt, the “good guys” are going to be different every time.

I did say “agressive” discrimination. The people we would be out to support would be for example:

People who are victims of ongoing harassment, assaults, vandalism, threats, etc because of their race and or religion.

We (my hypothetical team) would come in with surveillance and monitoring gear as well as physical (possibly even armed) security, and support teams to help provide for needs like grocery shopping etc that these people would not dare to because of open hostility around them.

These teams would only stay on long enough for the legal process to step in and issue the appropriate orders, investigate crimes being committed against them and such.

We could also have some investigative and or legal support in place to make sure that local law enforcement is not “aiding the cause” (being able to provide evidence to initiate investigations at the state and or federal levels if needed)

I figure once a few of the local zealots are in jail for breaking windows and making phone threats much of the resistance would die out.

So, you’re proposing a non-profit private security firm.

I think your biggest problem, in this day and age of fragmented small interest groups, would be funding. Example:

The KKK has been leaning on local Pakistani people. They contact you for help, and you do. they thank you and give you a donation and angle to have some of their friends do the same. Then the same KKK groups goes after some local Turkish people, and the same thing happens…complete with contributions

Now the fun begins, with a last gasp the local good ol’ boys go after some Jewish people. Being thouroughly versed in their antics, you nip it in the bud really fast. The local Jewish community really gets behind your group and offers various services including backing from their own anti-defamation groups.

Suddenly the Moslem community cools toward you, since you took so long with their problem and acted so fast on the Jewish concerns. Add to that your new ties to the Jewish groups, and they put some distance between themselves and you.

Or, if you turned down the ties to the Jewish groups, the community will then distance itself because they don’t feel comfortable with you now. Either way you loose funding sources.

For even more fun, and draconian measures, substitute racial problems for religious or political ones. Do you think the security NPO would be able to draw support from two, three or four differing groups without loosing one or more of them?

Just something to contemplate at night.

Kinda but more of an all inclusive support group, security, legal aid, etc.

Yes but I think we would have to walk a very fine line. I like to think that every special interest group has their “loose cannons” and these people are usually just as much of a problem to their respective groups as the people they oppose. These are the people we will be out to intercept.

The most severe combination of racial AND religious discrimination I can think of is the fact that Orthodox Jews religiously outlaw intermarriage with anyone else (perhaps not what you had in mind). This marriage prohibition is not an attitude, but a religious law from the Torah, wherein a crazed Rabbi actually speared two married people in the stomach for intermarrying, and is apparently a hero to Orthodox Jews. Good luck. The problem with bigotry is that it breeds itself.

I knew there were marriage issues but wow?

Was this recently? If so where?

I would have a hard time believing that this rabbi is a hero of the faith? Isn’t judgement reserved for God?

I could easily see and accept things like excommunication and or being shunned by the group or even family. My hypothetical org would only step in if this turned to assaults, phone harrasment, brick through windows with threatening notes attached

Obviously nobody can stop somebody who just up and kills someone with litte or no warning. My ponderings have been things like covering people with SOCAS, or religious discrimination issues that are in court and such, trying to take some of the burden off of the family.

Post 100 and going strong…

I don’t even know if this incident actually happened, but it is recorded in the Torah, to my understanding, and serves to illustrate the need among themselves for inbreeding, which is not healthy in my opinion. By the way, the Jews did not invent racism or racialism, it is found in other cultures, such as Brahminism, but Judaism influences Western culture in this regard and in my opinion lends itself to religious discrimination via fundamental Christianity. Of course, they would disagree, but they have the victimology game down to perfection and know how to hide their persecution of others behind the fact that others resist their hegemony.

OK I was worried there for a second, a couple thousand years ago I could see that happening.

Here and now? As Dogbert would say, BAH! (with a dismissive wave of the hand)

drachillix wrote:

You mean the ACLU?

Naw, that could never happen…

Ok I was not aware the ACLU provided all of that