Would it be wrong to have a stripper perform at my funeral?

Because I found the perfect song.
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s version of Just a Closer Walk with Thee.

She should be ‘plump’, if you know what I mean.
Would you be offended by this?

Never having given it a thought in the past – yes, I think I would be offended, and I’m kind of surprised by my own answer.

But I have a different circle of friends and family than you do. If you think YOUR people won’t be offended, or will be amused, well, do it. Remember that people will probably be bringing their kids along.

Stripper at a funeral? Eh, typical Occidental lack of imagination. Now if you’ll talk about strippers for a funeral dancing on a parade float, you might have some hope of catching up with Taiwan. “Taiwan: the Vanguard of Tackiness, est. 1945.”

I personally would be laughing my ass off thinking it was one of the greatest things I had seen in a while, but then I always appreciate individual expression and I strongly believe that we should each be allowed to approach death in our own way, whatever that is.

I can’t imagine anyone else I know not being offended by it though.

I want some kind of tradition established that beautiful women should flash their breasts at my gravestone. Not sure how to get the ball rolling, but I respect your plans!

Hm. I’m not gonna get that unless I outlive my wife. Better start eating right.

Bystander: “I guess the stiff wanted to be stiff one more time.”

I went to a memorial with belly dancers once. But as it was a celebration of the woman’s life, and she had planned it (terminal cancer) I certainly wasn’t going say it was wrong.

It was definitely weird.

I plan to have a “destination” funeral, so I’m going to be obliged to provide some sort of entertainment for my guests.

“At”? Fine ----- and I would love an invitation if I happen to outlive you. I’ve seen jugglers, stilt-walkers and I knew a clown once who was buried as his clown persona. But a stripper could be very cool given the right Pastor/leader.

“Use the casket as a prop”? That would be a little much.

At that point why do you care if you offend someone?

Mortis would be de rigueur.

I think the first step is planning the right epitaph on the stone. Something about getting luck the fact that they will gain luck thereby. Maybe have a little stand with pamphlets. Have it read like a chain letter.

Go for it. Tell anyone who complains that your other choice was to get a glass-topped coffin and to pay a couple of porn stars to have lesbian sex on top of it.

Moonlitheral, you have a point. But I can see contracting and paying for such, only to have the artist being told to go away and then I don’t get what I paid for.

I can imagine the discomfort of my male friends, sitting next to their wives. She probably wouldn’t go full nude. Pasties/G string (black of course)

But I think her using my closed coffin would be a must. Probably an urn actually.

Once you are dead, what does it matter? I think a plump stripper is wrong. And I think waiting until you are dead is wrong on another level. I’ve never been a big fan of “watching” things go down. I want to participate.

Just another example of why I love this board.

Funerals are not conducted for the benefit of the deceased. That guy’s dead. They’re performed to give the bereaved a chance to mourn in company, and derive comfort from that.

Do you think the majority of the persons at your funeral will find comfort in your plan?

My wife, and my friend’s wife, shot down a plan my friend and I had to form a tontine-like plan - that we will each other our skulls for making into a ceremonial drinking-cup (obviously, the “winner” gets to make a cup out of the skull of the guy who dies first).

We drafted up and signed mutual wills to that effect, but our wives made us tear them up. :frowning:

Wrong to have a stripper at a funeral? Depends on the religion, if any, of the participants, I guess.