Taking my kindergarten kids to see strippers

So Beta-chan (for those who remember, she’ll be six in October) asked Mommy, “Why does Daddy like this temple ceremony much more than the others?” Daddy explains, “Because Daddy likes when they are singing and dancing and not just talking.” After the strippers left and an older man started singing karaoke, the younger one asked “Are you happy he’s singing?”

My education into Taiwanese culture continues. Here I thought that my wife was dragging me and the kids to just another temple ceremony and dinner for 500 people, all of which would be narrated by some loud old man who had drank too much.

Little was I to know that Taiwan has an interesting custom (link in spoilers because the pictures may be a bit racy for work) http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/strippers-pole-dance-to-appease-the-dead/story-e6frflri-1226492430129

They didn’t strip down to being naked, but they make the dinner more entertaining. The kids are a bit young to explain why Daddy thought it was fun, so for now, they simply think he supports the arts.

I grew up Mormon, and our services were never like this. I may reconsider this atheism business.

Do you by chance remember a 60’s song by The Hollies?

And here I thought those Episcopals were liberal…

Happens every week.

Irish wakes, Taiwanese style.

Stop.Stop. Stop.

Gives new meaning to “Temple Garments”, doesn’t it?
I may have to look into this for my funeral.

“The wake and memorial service will take place Thursday through Friday morning at the Spearmint Rhino VIP lounge. Two-drink minimum.”

Huh. I thought you were taking your kids to the paint shop.

SURE you did!:D:rolleyes:

I wanna be there!

A lot of Mormon women apparently hate the things. Wrong choice of religion, if “temple garments” can be this sexy.

It just really surprised me how Not a Big Deal this was. There’s just no way for most US family functions to have women undress down to their underwear in public.

You’ve never been to a redneck family reunion, have you?

Gimme that old time religion.

Is this anything like some denominations whose women wear rather revealing clothes to church?

Nope. Other than the exotic dances, everyone was wearing standard clothing, which being Taiwan, includes a lot of really short hot pants, but nothing particularly risque.

I’ve asked a number of people about it, and it just seems to be No Bid Deal. Kind of refreshing.

Despite the image given by its bizarre porn, most Japanese are fairly conservative and events such as this would not have dancers stripping down to any degree.

Growing up Mormon in Utah, there was no. way. in. hell. that something like this would have occurred, especially in a family environment. That is a religion where they cover the shoulders of angels for modesty.

Really? I’ve never seen bare - shouldered angels in art.

You weren’t paying attention.

And searching for St Michael will get you pics of a dude with shoulders covered but wearing a leather miniskirt :slight_smile:

I find myself appreciating your culture more every moment…