Would like to take this opportunity to wish a very, very

Happy Birthday to Serendipity. I won’t tell you[sub]22[/sub] how old she is[sub]22[/sub], 'cause she’d probably be very upset[sub]22[/sub] with me. :smiley: And I would’ve been earlier, so she could’ve appreciated her very own thread all day, but I’ve been out dealing with crazy people since… oh… around 5AM. No end in sight, either. And LiveJournal is still all wonky for me.

So happy birthday, sweetie. Many happy returns. And please get rip-roaring drunk for me, since I’m on call all damn weekend and can’t so much as have a sip.



Happy birthday, Serendipity! Hope you’re already out enjoying it! And yes, drunk is good. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday, Serendipity!!

Yay! Another decade you’ll be as old as me!


Well, no, not really, cos I’ll be even older, see.


Never mind.

Happy B-day! Sorry I didn’t get a present for you…

But here’s a hug from a complete stranger.


Happy yay!

Aw, thanks, guys! This birthday has been kinda… eh. This thread, however, just about made my day. (Although, it did take me a while to find it. Jessica2 had to guide me towards it with questions like, “So, see anything good on the boards lately? There’s something interesting stuff over in MPSIMS. Go check it out.” I’m such a dork. :D) Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes.

BK and Lindy, I’ll be sure to have a drink for you guys tonight, although I think I might have to put off the getting drunk until spring break (one more week!). :wink:

Happiest of birthday’s, darling…you are a love, and I am very honored to be your friend.

My Love,