Would Pope JP2 in Baghdad stop the War with Iraq

A few days ago on C-SPAN they featured, on morning journal DR

Helen Caldicott


a far far left peace activist some may remember from the nuclear freeze movement in the 1980s. She is of course opposed to the war with Iraq but she did make an interesting statement. She called on Pope JP2 who also opposes the war to go to Baghdad with her to serve as human shields, she claimed the pope was the one person GW Bush would be afraid to kill. So despite DR Caldicott’s politics do you think the presence of Pope JP2 in Baghdad would deter Bush from starting the war?


Wow. We’re up to, what, 32 billion to buy the Turks moral allegiance. What’s it gonna take to bribe the Pope? Oh, wait, I know…

“Well, this first thing is called “going to Mass”, Mr. President. You’ll be expected to do that at least once a week, and then confess your sins. I know you don’t, Mr. President, but its just a formality, you can make something up…”

“Paris is worth a Mass” - King Henri IV.

I understand the Pope still has Cardinal Etchegaray in Baghdad- perhaps he can keep a duty rotation of human-shield Cardinals going? How many divisions is that worth?

Lessee now, among those outspokenly opposed to Bush’s war are the Pope, as well as Nobel Peace Laureates Bishop Tutu, President Mandela, President Carter, a number others I know I’m missing. On the pro side, among the world’s moral leaders, we have, um … well, I’m sure there must be someone, right?

Pat Robertson.

As if the Iraqi children haven’t been through enough already.