Would Sanders Have Done Any Better?

Just one lingering question I have, after the 2016 elections: Would Bernie Sanders have done any better, against Mr. Trump?

Barack Obama had a very unique coalition. Al Gore didn’t have it in 2000. And apparently John Kerry didn’t in 2004 either. Plus, I’ve heard some people say, the SCOTUS suspension of the voting rights act hadn’t come into play yet.

And, I don’t mean to wax philosophical at this point. But as a life-long Democrat, I actually feel blessed that we did have President Obama for 8 years.

I am not very religious myself. But I have been around, and championed the causes, of African Americans, all my life. That is all I ever heard them say. And I think I understand it now. You should not be dissatisfied with what you have. You should always count your blessings. Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Maybe that will be when other Americans who supported Clinton will truly realize what I just said.

But back to my original question.


It can’t be answered. Sanders picks up some “change the system” voters that Clinton couldn’t woo away from Trump. Loses some conservative voters that saw Trump as a complete disaster. Possibly gets up the enthusiasm on the democratic side, but also energises traditional conservatives who stayed home in this reality rather than vote for Trump.

The exit polls show 23% of Trump voters wanted the next president to be more liberal than Obama. God knows what kind of mental gymnastics led them to cast a vote for Trump. But 13% of Clinton voters wanted someone more conservative.

I’m a liberal and democrat. And I think Bernie would have gotten trounced. I believe that part of the reason why Hillary lost was her drift farther to the left to attract Bernie’s supporters.

And now there’s talk of the Democratic party heading farther to the left to “correct” for their loss this year. Folks, you’re heading in the wrong direction!

There wouldn’t have been a “Bernie is coming to take your guns” scare tactic from the NRA, that may have tipped the scales.