Would someone translate this for me?

It’s an email I received that I don’t believe to be spam. I think someone might be inquiring about a picture, but none of the free translators I can find can figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If the translation turns out to be inappropriate for this message board, please email it to me at harmless@hotmail.com

Thanks! :slight_smile:

“Hi, my name is David.
I should only frga if you tin product s kind and mla a Eminem image to me Self able send a image if you will”

Sounds like he likes you. Email him a picture and see what he says…

Loosely translated

It’s unclear if the picture is of Eminem or him.

According to this page, it’s in Swedish, and this page translates it to:

hi midst name e David Self should only queries you tin product so kind and colour a Eminem image to me Self able send a image if you will]
I’d read it as:


I’ll just babel fish him back…that way it’ll make as much sense for him as it did for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

What language is that?

Upon preview…thanks, Q.E.D.. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll just use that link provided to send him a response.

Ethilrist - smarty pants.
What if he then wants to frga me?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, the state of education in Sweden has gone downhill in the past few years.

This is Swedish. Try this dictionary.

This once again confirms my theory that Swedes love Eminem.

I almost snorted a 3 Musketeers bar out my nose. Very unpleasant. Thanks Skammer.

Y’all are missing the part where he says how a møøse once bit his sister.

:: Golf clap ::

Whereas had it been Canada,it would have tried to mate with her :stuck_out_tongue:

“måla” means “paint”, not “send”, so it’s “Will you paint a picture of Eminem for me?” Apart from that, lno’s translation is good.

If “paint” doesn’t make sense in this context (are you a professional painter?), it’s possible that “måla” is a speling eror and that he meant “maila” or something similar, which would be Swenglish slang for “mail”/“email”.

“Fråga” means “ask”, btw.

Hi my name is David
I just wanted to ask if you would be so kind as to paint a picture of Eminem for me.
If you want, I can send you a picture (to draw from)

Yeah, but what’s Swedish for “common sense” ??


Sunn fornuft :wink:

Wups… that was actually Norwegian. In Swedish it should be “Sunt förnuft”

I’m Swedish, as some of you may know, and I’d just like to add out that the phrasing of the letter (using “e” instead of “är” in written Swedish, for instance) makes it probable that the writer is very young, probably a child and possibly a teenager. Collecting Eminem pictures would also be an indication of that, of course.

As pointed out, if you’re not a painter (the letter does request that you paint a picture of Eminem) it’s probably a misspelling of “maila”, the most common translation of the word “to email”, although some insist on the swedified spelling “mejla”… I must say I haven’t seen these words confused before, but it’s possible, especially if the writer is young.

The sudden influx of Internet-related words in our language has been a subject of some debate, and we have a special Computer Language Commision (Svenska Datatermgruppen) charged with coming up with acceptable Swedish words for English computer terms, such as “dator” (a latin neologism) instead of “computer” and “skrivare” (writer) instead of “printer”.

The correct translation for “to email” is “e-posta” or “skicka via e-post”, but almost everybody says “maila” instead, which tells you something about the futility of having a commission like that. Officially, according to another commission, it’s supposed to be the year “twenty hundred and four”, but I’ve never heard that in real life - everybody says “two thousand four” instead.

Hmmm…in that case I guess it could be either.
I’ve had young’uns email to request that I email them a picture that I’ve done.
I don’t have any of the great Eminem :stuck_out_tongue: though, so maybe it was request to have one done.
How do you say “pay me” in Swedish? j/k :wink: