Would squealing to the press help?

At a friends school their was a huge fight the other day. Four kids from another school, including 1 with a gun, got in and caused the problem.

Well none of this made the news and I’m sure the school wants it kept that way.

Would there be a benefit to calling the local tv station or newspaper and telling them the story?

IMHO there wouldn’t even be a point. I’m of the belief that if incidents like this never made the news there would be fewer of them. At that age publicity can be a huge incentive.

As it stands, when they brag to their friends at their own school they might not be believed.

To achieve what? Sounds like it was handled. How young are these students? Who is served by broadcasting this incident?

TL;DR, tell the police, not the news.
It was at some other school, so I’d probably just ignore it. However, if you have personal, or at least verifiable, evidence of a gun being present, the police are the ones that need to be called.

On that note, if you just heard this from someone else, it’s better left alone. A few weeks ago at my daughter’s school, there was a fight and someone mentioned that they were going to come back the next day with a gun. Facebook absolutely exploded on a handful of pages related to the school and city. For hours people were going nuts because they weren’t getting any updates from the school or the police. By 10pm that night, the school released a statement saying that there were multiple faculty/adults present breaking up the fight and there was no mention of a gun. Furthermore, the person who was said to be bringing a gun A)never said it and B)wasn’t part of the fight.
The police and school nicely, but sternly, told everyone they need to stfu about rumors that they have no knowledge of.
30% or so of the school didn’t show up the next day…because of a rumor that someone made up.

As I told my daughter both during and after this, this trainwreck is exactly why if you think someone has a gun or might bring one, you tell the first teacher, officer or parent you see. Don’t put it on facebook, that just makes it worse. I also explained to her that had she told me about this when she got home from school instead of 6 hours later when it was blowing up on social media, we would have gone to the police and/or called the school right away. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to call the news.

Did anyone call the cops? Around here, school + gun + cops automatically equals at least one TV station showing up.

If no one called the cops, then it probably wasn’t that “huge.”

WAG, was this in Glendale CA?

No, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Thanks Joey. Similar event recently out here in SoCal.

On the other hand, one of the guys on a tennis group I am part of, left the court mumbling threats to himself and others, went to his car and brought a gun (some kind of long gun, not a handgun) into the facility and went into one of the “family bathrooms”. By this point he was screaming somewhat incoherently, but definitely threatening harm to all and sundry. The cops came, we all exited the club via the emergency exits, and left. There were at least ten police cars from multiple towns in the parking lot when we left.

The next day, the police and the tennis club both reported this as a “false alarm” and a “‘massive over-reaction by a staff member”. This is complete BS. The police are “protecting the privacy” of the guy who has a history of mental illness (and is now involuntarily in an institution). We all know the guy. Some of us have known him for decades. Depending on whether he is taking his meds or not, he’s quite sane or quite paranoid. But he’s never been violent. We directly witnessed all or part of what is not being acknowledged.

The police here, in general, will do anything to downplay scary incidents.

So you can’t take what the school/police are saying at face value, necessarily.

I agree, let it go. The person who brought the gun may enjoy the publicity. “I’m gangsta yo!”. IMO, anyone who brings a gun or any type of weapon to a fight has personal and social issues. Don’t feed the stupidity.

no, it’d probably only get you some funny looks.

There’s a current case here in Toronto where student hazing at a private catholic school turned into a sexual assault. The cops didn’t get involved until the press took it to them. The school was trying to handle it quietly, and we know how well that works for the church. The principal (a lay person) and the president (a Basilian preist) have now resigned, 10 kids have been expelled, and I think 6 have been charged criminally.

“Squealing”? :rolleyes:
It is the school’s legal duty to report such incidents, isn’t it? Are you proposing that such information be illegally withheld from the police, or are you asking that the schools and the police conspire to withhold such information from the public?

Or they will encourage others to do the same, knowing that no real consequences will ensue.

He’s talking about himself, a private citizen not connected in any way to the incident, calling the press. Did you only read the word “squealing” before composing your reply?

He is talking about talking to the press if they withhold/suppress information they shouldn’t, and I am inquiring as to if this information is being held just from the public(in which case the information could be gotten from the police), or is there a problem with the school properly reporting such incidents to the police also?

“Would there be a benefit to calling the local tv station or newspaper and telling them the story?”

I would call the police first, then if it turned out that the police are cooperating in this suppression, I would call the press. The OP mentions one incident, but there is no way to know how bad the problem is if the school’s policy is to sit on all such incidents until it blows up in their faces.

That works right up until a tragedy occurs, then it is all “Why didn’t you tell somebody? Something could have been done if we only knew!”

I know, right? Everyone knows snitches get stitches. Squealers get what?

Presumably the perps still got the consequences, just not the publicity that would have made it worth it.