Would this stop you smoking?

For smokers and non-smokers. The coalition government has just announced new measures to try and cut down on the number of people who smoke, a problem which costs billions of pounds a year (of course, tax off the back of it injects money too…but that’s a different issues).

Anyway, the measures consists of ridding tobacco displays from all shops by 2015 - in other words, no more of these. The second proposal is to have plain packaging. Both have been criticised; the first as a nanny state extension and a blow to retailers, and the second as a godsend for counterfeiters.

Ignoring these issues, do you think the measures will work in their intended purpose?

I’m an ex-smoker, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I wanted my Marloboro Lights, and so I’d ask for my Marlboro Lights where I knew they were sold, regardless of whether there was a display, and regardless of the dead fetuses on the box. Err, pictures of dead fetuses, that is.

Seems like they are telling the tobacco companies: You can keep the market you currently have, but quit trying to market your product to new customers. We believe it would be unfair to ban the product for those that are currently addicted, but we want to take steps to further reduce your ability to capture new market share within our jurisdiction.

It won’t get smokers to quit but hiding the display will help remove temptation from smokers who are already trying to quit.

The plain packaging and hiding the display may reduce the incentive for youngsters to start.

In all, I can’t see it hurting too much apart from perhaps the counterfeiting angle. But smokers would avoid that by buying cigs from shops instead of trying to save duty by buying dodgy cigs.

Indeed, smokers are only interested in the cigarettes and ignore the fluff. When they mentioned the pictures on the box on the news today (as an example of a previous initiative), I’d forgotten we had pictures on the box and had to pulled my pack out of my packet to remind myself. Yep, there’s a picture there… :smack:

I shall not stop smoking until death. However, I shouldn’t mind plain packaging since a lack of glitz is more tasteful.

Yes. This. Maybe.

If they actually put “Smoking kills” on the packs, that might actually encourage kids to take it up. There’s a certain chic about doing something forbidden and dangerous.

What pictures? (I haven’t smoked in years.)

You missed “Ex smoker and x, y, z” in your poll, but in any event…

I doubt that would make much of a difference. If you smoke, it’s not because you like the display. Sure, you might have a preferred brand, but if that isn’t available, and you are out, well, just about anything will do.

I don’t even actually think that the displays or ads have a great affect in getting people started smoking. Most kids that start nowadays seem to start simply because it’s something they shouldn’t do.

I’m an ex-smoker (only for about a month, smoked 15 years before that) and well…what?

In Ohio, or at least the grocery stores around here, in-your-face displays at the checkout have been gone for a long time. While having to ask someone to go get you cigs when you check out is sort of a bummer 1) Cigs at the grocery store are expensive anyway 2) I always thought giving kids actual eye-level access to tiny, steal-able packs of cigs was a bad idea. So it didn’t bother me much.

I just realized recently that as an ex-smoker, I pretty much do not have cause to go in to the gas station any more. I use my card at the pump and unless I’m dying for a snack, I’m not going inside. So I wouldn’t even notice if cigs got moved to the roof of the gas station.

In reality, if cigarettes got moved to a secret closet, ONLY in one type of store (gas station/grocery store/liquor store/sewing store, whatever), and the price was over $10 a pack, I would STILL smoke if I wanted to, and I know plenty of others who would too.

Seeing cigarettes or cigarette ads didn’t remind me “hey I am a smoker.” My addiction to nicotine was enough to drive me to buy.

Liquor is sold only at liquor stores in many jurisdictions. Does that keep the general populace from using it? Nope. Hell, you can only get McDonalds’ cheeseburgers in certain restaurants across the nation (that would be, McDonalds). People still figure out how to find them and consume them, against everyone’s tsk-tsking.

Rubbish idea, but whatever.

I don’t understand how plain packaging is going to deter anyone from smoking or even from starting to smoke.

Now, putting a giant pink triangle on the front of the packs might help–it would at least discourage the whole “macho man” aspect of smoking. :smiley:

The Onion beat you to it.

It won’t work. People who want to smoke will carry on, and kids will always start smoking because smoking is cool. And the more you try to stop it, the cooler it gets.

I don’t see how it’s necessarily a bad idea. Just a pointless one in my opinion.

I started smoking because my friends smoked. They smoked because their friends smoked. I’m just glad I finally quit.

I agree, seems pretty pointless. At best it might discourage kids from starting up on their own.

Ex smoker and now anti-smoker here. Seems pointless to me as well. It may do no harm as previously posted but the real harm is the money spent on these inane measures to stop something that kids perceive as “cool” because it’s forbidden.

Non-smoker here, and I don’t really see how this would help. I’m not sure it would hurt, either, so I suppose I don’t really think it’s a good or bad idea. More of a pointless idea, espoused mostly by people who wish to be seen Doing Something.

I cant imagine it stopping anyone who’s already a smoker.

I think the policy is intended to prevent people (kids are hopelessly easy to market to) from picking up the habit, not to make people quit. I still smoke (when no one is looking), and this wouldn’t have any effect, but I am all for it.

When I was a stupid kid, out of sight was out of mind.

For decades cigarette companies spent millions on brand differentiation. Tough guy cigarettes, stylish woman cigarettes, cool guy cigarettes, independent thinker cigarettes. I believe package design can encourage people to start smoking, especially in conjunction with advertising. (Although I don’t know how much advertising and promotion is still permitted.)

If someone is addicted they’ll keep buying no matter what the package is, but plain packaging of the drug would help remove the remaining glamor from smoking.

I just had to point out that this is just over the E-Cig thread.

However, as a non smoker. The displays didn’t make me suddenly want to smoke tobacco. The beer displays don’t make me suddenly want to buy that either. I do drink beer when I want and I have brands that I like. That’s usually what I buy.

Sometimes I’ll find something that I just have to have. When I was in Utah, I found a 4 pack of Pologamy Porter. How could anyone pass that up?

From what I know about my smoking friends, they have a brand they like and will go to different stores to get just that brand.

My friend who bought an e-cig also bought a bunch of different flavors and told me that he didn’t like them and is now only using tobacco that tastes like his brand.