Would this thread be against the rules?

Would an IMHO or maybe CS or MPSIMS thread titled “what are the most recent 25 movies you downloaded”, with the thread content being what you would expect given that title, be against the rules?

Not necessarily, I would assume. Movie downloads are not necessarily illegal, are they? I mean, you can buy movies on-line to download them, n’est-ce pas? As long as people aren’t posting compendiums of their illegal downloads (and, particularly, the methods and web sites involved), right? If the thread starts going that way, of course, it will get ixnayed with alacrity.

Your question actually seems to be: Does that proposed thread title imply a discussion of illegal downloads, and if so, how strongly, and is that forbidden. Mods?

You should send a PM to the mods.

I would have (and in fact have done before on other ideas) but I’m kind of looking to make “case law” if you get my meaning as I think this is fairly similar to other threads others may want to create and having the answer out in the open will help others SDMB posters in the future.

It’s a valid question in the right forum. The answer can be useful to others, not just the OP. It also doesn’t hurt to gauge the feelings of other posters on this issue.

Just change the title of the thread to “What are the most recent 25 movies you legally downloaded.”

As a couple of people have pointed out, our issue is with copyright-breaking and other illegal activity, not with downloading per se.

Feel free to start a thread in CS, specifying in the OP that you are, of course, talking only about legal downloads.

[nonmod]Also, think about making it the last 10 or even the last 5, rather than the last 25, because long lists are boring and not particularly edifying, IMHO.[/nonmod]

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

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I’d be surprised if the moderators considered their replies in threads like these to constitute precedent like case law.

I’m curious as to whether the OP would consider that such a stipulation would defeat the purpose of the OP’s proposed thread.

We don’t make any effort to police people’s activities in any area of their life except what they post on this message board, where we do not allow them to explain how to break the law, or, for the most part, to advocate that others break the law.

The OP asked how s/he could start a thread that complies with our rules. I explained what thread would do so.

twickster, for the SDMB

If the OP is talking about illegal downloads, we would no more permit that than a thread asking “What are the last 25 items you shoplifted?”

I’ll admit I’m not sure about the legality of some of the things I download. It’s presumably legal for me to watch a movie if it’s up on YouTube. But is it legal for me to download that movie from YouTube?

It’s not presumably legal for you to watch that movie in that by watching it you might be making unauthorized copies that are not subject to any exception. But downloading it definitely is not legal, assuming that the copyright owner has not authorized the posting of the video on YouTube.

Can you think of a good reason why a movie studio would decide to distribute a movie by dividing it into 30 sections and putting it on YouTube for free download?

Of course. They want as many people to see it as possible.

Silly me-all this time I thought they were in it for the money.

There was a recent thread about illegally (outright saying “illegal” in the subject/title) downloading stuff that wasn’t shut down or deleted; a mod even posted in it about something he did. I bring this up because of a current thread in IMHO about obtaining old copies of discontinued software and the legality of downloading them (IMHO if it doesn’t hurt anybody, it shouldn’t be illegal; downloading currently sold music and movies is another matter though). That said, downloading something doesn’t mean it was illegally downloaded, nor does it have to be mentioned whether it was legal or not.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s illegal to watch it, however. I know of a place in town with a superheroes mural that I’m sure isn’t licensed. If I walk by and look at it, I haven’t broken the law. What if I go there on purpose, just to look at it–have I broken the law then? If I buy things from that store specifically so that I can spend awhile inside looking at the mural, am I breaking the law then?

You may well be right, that viewing copyrighted content on Youtube is illegal, but just because it’s legal to post it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s illegal to view it.

I was responding to someone who specifically asked about downloading such a video from YouTube.

:smack: You’re right–I didn’t read carefully. (So does anyone know whether there’s any legal problem with watching, but not technically downloading, a copyrighted video illegally posted on Youtube?)