Would you be interested in a book of this stuff?

I feel terrible for doing this. I’m honestly not fishing for compliments or for criticism, but it’s a depth charge.

I have been writing the 4,231 greatest American novels for some time. A friend of mine who I asked to proof the latest offering spent a long time telling me that “I like your fiction, but I much prefer your non-fiction and I think others would be interested in it”. She made me promise that I would find some neutral people to read some of my non-fiction writing and get their feedback because “Your fiction is good, but your autobiographical stuff is inspired”.

This board is about as neutral as it gets. Unfortunately the pieces she particularly likes aren’t available anywhere online, but I promised her that I would post some links TODAY and ask for feedback. If anybody is remotely interested (and I’m guessing this thread is going to die quite quickly), please take a look at some of these and tell me honestly if you would or would not be interested in reading a book length rendering of things along this line. (All links are to a friend’s blog on which I make occasional posts.)

Pride Goeth Before the Fall of Saigon- the story of my mom’s first (and probably last) gay pride parade

A (Psychotic) Christmas Memory (or Six) -true tales of Christmas in Alabama in the 70s/80s that I must admit aren’t likely to be duplicated elsewhere.

About Me- The paragraph quickie I wrote to introduce myself.

A Discombobulated Rant by Memory & Stuff- an odd musing.

Freelance proofreading is something that I like to do … is there any possibility of reaping some financial rewards? I can provide you with a resume, references, etc.

Oh, my lord, Sampiro, please get together with Snooooopy on this. Because I promise, the second the book comes out, I will buy it. I loved the story about your mama at the parade.

Wow, it’s sort of like Dennis Miller meets the monolouge guy from Kids In The Hall. I have to say, the parade story was quite descriptive, and pretty funny. If whatever you were writing was in a book titled “My Gay Life” or something, I wouldn’t be drawn in, but I think it would be my loss. I’ll read the others later.

Honest and hopefully constructive criticism: I wouldn’t be interested in it in its current state. Your voice and personality are clearly there, which is obviously the most important thing and can be hardest to get across if you’re focusing too much on structure. But my impression of it is that there’s not enough structure – too many allusions and references and asides to keep a steady train of thought going. It just needs an edit and re-focusing.

And oh yeah, if you overuse “fudgepacker” it loses its shock value.

OK, I did something like this (critique a story) once before here and chilled what had been a warm message board friendship. Here goes anyway, devil take the hindmost:

The story about your mother and the parade was very good. If I bought a book full of similar stories, I would be pleased, not disappointed. The shorter tales were ok, BUT: (You knew it was coming, right?)

You sound like you are in a hurry! It’s as if you are telling your tale while glancing at your watch, afraid you’ll be late for an appointment. Maybe flesh your stories out with a little more background information. You don’t want to rush the reader through your stories. You want the reader to pause and enjoy them.

Being all for fair play and equal opportunity, here’s one of mine from Teemings #17.

Tear it all to hell if you wish.

PS: Maybe them goddamn chimes at one of the institutions in West Alabama are what trained you to hurry so? Just a thought. :smiley:

I really enjoyed the pride parade story and the Chistmas story. I’d definitely like to read more.

Actually they were. These are blog postings that were almost always done at work when I wanted something to clear my mind from whatever task I’m up to, so they were done looking over a shoulder and knowing I had to get back to ordering books or reference duty or whatever.

I think an excellent compromise between (a) buying a book of Jon’s writing and (b) not buying a book of Jon’s writing would be to click the ol’ PayPal link to the left on the blog and keep it alive and kicking so that Jon may continue to post his Sedaris/sardonic-esque tales of growing up Jon.

Please note that, other than being the owner of the webspace, half-creator of the blog name, and primary blogger, I have no affiliation with the The World Wide Rant and will not profit in any way, except for the aforementioned. :smiley:

I’d like to see a production of “ABBGB”.

I’d definitely buy a book of your stuff. The first one could use a bit of polishing up, but all of your writtings are fun, and I really like your writing style. I especially like the story about your mother. She sounds like a very interesting woman, I’d love to read more about her. When you do get published, make sure you let us at the boards know, and best of luck.