Would you bid $50 bucks for a carrot?

Before you answer no…what if said carrot was a “carrot with a vagina”?

Better jump on this one soon.

I think I’ll take a nap now.

I checked the user agreement and didn’t see anthing about “produce porn”…so I hope I’m in the clear for posting the link.

What word did you use in the search to find that?

carrot with a vagina?

My wife’s gonna be pissed.

It’s a carrot. It will rot and die! What is wrong with people?

Saw it posted on another forum.

I can’t believe someone bid $49.00 for it! :eek:

Only if Frosty was attached.

that is strange!
whats stranger is that people are bidding!

And how many people are bidding.

I also like the tag “Believe to be life size.” ???


Love that site.

Current bid: US $124.50

of bids: 33

Alright, fess up dopers. Who put a bid on it?

Holy crap! $510!

Uh oh. The vagina carrot now has a companion!

($510 for a vagina but only $12 for a penis. There’s a statement begin made there somewhere…)

This turnip looks just like a thingy!

Why is the guy’s hand blue? :eek:

Note that one of the recent bidders has a feedback rating of -1. The person who posted the feedback indicates that the bidder had, on the auction for which feedback was provided, no intention of completing a sale.

Why would someone want a vagina-carrot? There are said to be people who collect potato chips that look like Abe Lincoln. Maybe there are actually “weird vegetable” collectors?

Veggie-related hijack: Kevin & Bean, the morning show guys on L.A.'s “World Famous KROQ” once set out to make a potato famous. I think they were ticked that some actor they didn’t like was getting all sort of press, so they said something like: “If this person could become famous, I’ll bet we could make a potato famous!” The Potato did make some appearances on one or two prime-time sit-coms.

Notice how all but two bidders have very low feedback numbers? I bet some stupid eBay newbie is going to be shocked to find that they will have to pony up when the auction ends. Either that or there’s going to be a bunch of retractions.

Yeah, but there IS a guy near the top of the list with a rating over 100. Grantedm it probably shot up to $500 in the last few bids, but he porobably still bid over $100…and for a carrot? Too much money…

Well, the bidding’s now up to $1025. :rolleyes:

Of course, I wouldn’t bid “$50 bucks” for anything, because I don’t know what “fifty bucks bucks” would be, exactly. Would it have the same relation to money as acceleration does to velocity? If anyone’s got advanced degrees in both economics and physics, please chime in on this! Or maybe we could just have a seance and contact the spirit of Isaac Newton.