Would you date a guy like the Croc Hunter?

I was in a pet store this afternoon when I heard a woman scream. She had caught sight of a black emperor scorpion – the docile kind that many pet stores carry. (This is the kind which is typically used in movies like The Mummy Returns, BTW.)

That got me thinking… Ladies, would you ever date a guy like Steve Irwin, a.k.a. TV’s Crocodile Hunter? Obviously, some women are willing to do so; after all, he’s married. Heck, she’s none too bad-looking.

As a male, I know that I’ve often been attracted to women when I find that they display unusual courage. So, what do you think?

Oh, heck yeah. Maybe it’s just my latent prehistoric instincs talking, but I find that kind of total self-confidence in the face of extremely dangerous situations to be incredibly hot.
That, coupled with the fact that his antics (while dressed up for TV, I realize) actually serve some sort of purpose, as opposed to things like “facing the elements just to see if I can”, which I find rather silly. I would totally do Steve Irwin.

I’m trying to imagine a female version of Steve Irwin.
My answer: HELL YEAH!!

You would have to go into the marriage knowing there’s maybe a 75 percent chance that someday you’ll be retrieving your wedding ring from a pile of croc shit.

Sure. Who wants a boring guy?

Green Bean: Apparently, all of my ex-girlfriends.

God no. I spend a good part of my day reminding kids that we shouldn’t do x y z because it’s dangerous and someone might get hurt. Why would I want to date an adult who can’t figure this stuff out on his own?

Well, Steve-o does take too many chances, IMO. I certainly wouldn’t step around a bunch of rattlers without wearing some sturdy boots.

On the other hand, most of his derring-do seems to be basic know-how. For example, a lot of people have a morbidly irrational aversion to snakes. In contrast, good ol’ Steve understands that most of them aren’t dangerous – and that even the dangerous ones can be handles if you use the right techniques.

As I said, he does take too many chances. That’s why he occasionally gets bitten by some aggressive (but non-poisonous!) snakes, for example. Still, I have more respect for people like him, than for people who are irrationally fearful (as most people are, IMO).

Ever see the one where he crawls in under some ledge in the desert, specifically looking for rattlers, and gets half his body into that little space and calls out “Whoo-ee. There must be 7 or 8 of 'em in here! Crikey!”

First off, that one cracked me up.

Secondly, ANYONE who is willing to crawl into a rattlesnake den, realise there’s over a half dozen of them in there, and NOT RUN RIGHT OUT is totally insane.

Third, Hi Opal!

Fourth, yeah, I’d date him. But I think I’d dump him after I’d had a couple of nervous breakdowns after hearing about his day. “You did WHAT?!?!?!”

Fifth, and totally unrelated, I accidentally spilled some water and some got down the front of my computer. The CD-ROM keeps opening and closing itself. Kinda creepy. I hope the burner is ok.

I have no sexual attraction toward Steve Erwin, as I am a straight male. But I am disconcerted by the sight of him in those very flimsy tan shorts in the presence of crocodiles, aligators, komodo dragons, piranhas and a host of other animals that are very liable to snip off any life dangling flesh that they get a whiff of.

If not for any of us, for your wife’s sake WEAR A CUP! You have me worried here.

No chance.

He is an absolute idiot IMHO. I can’t stand him. And he looks like a little boy, not a man. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww !

Can you imagine how much his life insurance policy is? You know his wife has got to be wondering “When is a croc gonna bite a damn artery??”

Sure, for no other reason than because I was curious. I hope he’s calmer in real life than he is on t.v.

I do wish he’d get a decent haircut, though. Maybe he and Terri could get a 2-for-1.

Ugh. Steve Irwin… is it just me, or does he come across as incredibly dense to anyone else?

Never in a million years. For a start, when I’m screaming my head off because there’s a massive great spider in my bedroom, I want a man who will kill it - not a man who will lecture me on how it’s harmless and should be left in peace to roam the Earth, ridding it of flies and other pests. I don’t even want a man who will relocate it to someplace outdoors because that means Mr Spider and I may still meet again. I just want it squashed flat, dead and removed from my sight as fast as possible. Steve Irwin is the kind of guy who would expect me to go about my daily life, knowing there is a massive spider somewhere on the property just waiting for a chance to sneak back into the house.

Also, I find him very unattractive because he comes across like he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I find intelligence attractive, and couldn’t be with a guy who seemed as dumb as a post.

Meanwhile, I found a distant cousin who is apparently a real Crocodile Man. I live down the bottom of Australia (where there are no crocs), and he lives up the top. I’ve never met him, but came across him in the course of tracing the family tree (he’s a third cousin).

I would be afraid that he’d yell “Oh
Crikey!” during sex.

Um, no offense, but the overwhelming majority of spiders ARE harmless. There’s nothing “incredibly dense” about pointing that out, and recognizing it.

As a male, I’m FAR more attracted to women who don’t have an irrational fear of spiders. FAR, FAR more so.

Say, what makes you think that he doesn’t wear a cup?


Well, are you aware that the odds of this spider returning to your home are miniscule – especially if the man places it several meters away from your home? Spiders are virtually blind, and they have no particular desire to seek out human habitation. They are also far more likely to find prey in the wild, than in your own home.

I understand why some people want these spiders dead, dead, dead. However, it would be perfectly rational to let the spider live, especially in light of the benefits they provide. I also think it’s rather unfair to suggest that people who would argue for not squashing these spiders are somehow mentally deficient – especially when these spiders are harmless (as the overwhelming majority of them are).

Also, please remember that we don’t know for sure that Mr. Croc Hunter wouldn’t squash a spider, if his wife pleaded earnestly enough. It’s obvious that he’d rather let them live, but this doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t acquiese to such a request. I don’t think we should be criticizing people like him based on mere conjecture.

I think Steve Irwin is an idiot who takes stupid chances, not to mentioning hassling wild animals for no good reason half the time.

So no, I probably wouldn’t.

cazzle, I’m about 180 degrees away from your point of view concerning spiders. My SO, or myself, (whoever is closest) carefully and gently coax the spiders onto a sheet of paper, or something similar, and take them outside. They never come back, except for one huntsman, who loved us so much and kept returning (even to the point of marching past two other units to get back to ours !) so that we adopted and named him. We think they would have a better life outside, which is why we remove them. *

This all has nothing to do with the fact that I agree 100% with you that Steve Irwin appears to be in competition for the stupidest man alive awards. :slight_smile: Based on his public persona, I couldn’t spend five minutes with the man, he is that annoying. I posted this to show that spider-lovers can hate this man too (not to denigrate cazzle’s view, I respect other people’s fears)

  • The exception is daddy-long-legs spiders, which we encourage. We have approximately four per room, sitting quietly in their corners, ensuring we never have to use fly spray. (which affects my SO’s respiratory tract and which I disagree with too.)