Would You Donate Sperm/Egg To An Infertile Doper Couple?

That’s it – guys, let’s say there was a doper/dopers who were dealing with infertility issues and needed a sperm donor, and they posted here asking for someone in our community to donate. Would you?

Female dopers – if the same situation called for it, would you be an egg donor?


  1. 100% Purely hypothetical question.
  2. I’d appreciate it if we could go light on the jokes here, at least for a little while (I know, I know, but c’mon – this one is really fish in a barrel).

I personally would not because I have severe scoliosis and it can run in families. If it weren’t for that, sure- why not? I’m not using my eggs. As long as they paid for the harvest, it’s a reasonably low risk procedure as far as I’m aware.

Female, and no.

  • If I’m not on oral contraceptives, I have excruciating menstrual cramps that last for the duration of my period, or close to it.
  • In the last few years, I’ve started getting menstrually-linked migraines - much worse than my usual migraines, and one every day of my period. Thus I’m now on continuous oral contraceptives. I’m loath to think what I would be like off of the pill and on extra hormones; I’d probably be looking for a gun to just end the pain.
  • My genetics are less than ideal, to say the least.
  • There’s the issue of child support concerns that might come up.

No, I would not donate eggs. A few years ago, I would have thought about it, but from what I have heard about the process, it is a nightmare of pain, hormones and trouble. It isn’t quite like what the guys go through! :slight_smile:

I would donate semen with certain conditions:

I got to know them personally first.

I had some rights vis-a-vis the child. That is, the child knows who I am.

As it stands, I am too old to donate eggs. If I were younger, yes. I’m just wasting them and if it would help someone who really wanted a child to have one, why not?

Assuming there is no possible way I would a) ever have to pay child support, or b) have to raise a child.

Nope. Maybe for a friend of mine who I knew personally, but not random people from one of the many message boards I belong to.

EDIT: Nah, not at all, if child support could even possibly come up down the line. But being a Doper wouldn’t affect my decision one way or another.

Yes I would, if they were okay with accepting eggs from a obese person with a history of depression and anxiety disorders.

Not exactly selling it, am I? :smiley:

Female, and yes, under a few conditions:
*Some degree of financial compensation.
*Legal guarantee that I would not have any financial obligation to the child
*A clear agreement that I would not be a part of the child’s life - I would not be Auntie NinjaChick.
*The couple in question paid, in full, all medical and travel expenses incurred
I’m never going to have kids of my own; if the opportunity presented itself I’d at least let my reproductive system earn a bit of cash.

ETA - Whether or not they’re a doper would be pretty much irrelevant. If someone met those conditions, sure. I figure the chances of anyone wanting my genes are pretty minimal, though.

They can have as much of my sperm as they want. I make a lot more than I need, anyway. But they have to understand that there’s a higher-than-normal chance their kid will be gay.

Funny, I would require the opposite. Total anonymity.

No, because it’s my genetic material and I want to be able to choose a father and only pass on my genes with someone I feel is optimal for merging DNA with. I would never surrogate either, not even for my sister.

Thinking back to GFactor’s recent article about child support, I don’t think that there’s any way to get a guarantee of no financial obligation.

I’m dead broke, but looking over the precedents he mentioned in his articles leaves me thinking it’s still too much to risk.

Male, FWIW

I’m too old to be allowed to. Otherwise, probably. When the procedure first came off, I considered it (my reservations about becoming a parent aren’t about genetic quality), but having to spend four days in a hospital was totally incompatible with my study-500-hr-a-week college.

I would for a close friend or relative, but it sounds like a major pain in the ass, so strangers would be out. I wouldn’t surrogate for anyone.

Like A.R. Cane, I would donate sperm only under the exact opposite conditions.


Yes, I would if I wasn’t ancient already. I’d also donate my uterus.

Female, and no I wouldn’t.

I’m too old to donate eggs and I have a genetic blood disease. But hey, if they are willing to risk it, why not?