Would YOU Go to a Nude Beach?

Okay, so I just got finished reading some of the posts about what to expect when visting a nude beach. Now to make it more personal … would you go to a nude beach. Not just to gawk, but to frolic on the beach in the altogether.

I suppose the answer would say more about how comfortable you feel with your body. Or maybe not. I myself would have no problem going au natural on the beach, but I’ve always been a small guy and fairly insecure about what I look like, skinny legs and all. I just feel more comfortable naked.


Would, and have, while we lived in Germany. And may I just say, romping about outside whilst nude is one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. I highly recommend it.

Sure. I used to frequent nude beaches in Germany. After all, it’s only skin. So what if I’m overweight? Just don’t look if it bothers you.

Been there.

Done that.

Didn’t buy a t-shirt (they didn’t have any for sale… go figure)

Of course.

I welcome any opportunity to show off my 14" kidney prodder.

I don’t have any problems about frolicking in the nude, but I DO have problems with sand getting in various portions of my anatomy. So I’d probably wear a pair of briefs if I was going to a sandy beach.

I’d do it in a heartbeat. (TMI ALERT-TMI ALERT) I like to walk around nekkid at home and I don’t really give a damn about it.

Mrs. Rastahomie, however, would sooner die before going to a nude beach. And there’s something kinda creepy about a 30-year-old man going to a nude beach without his SO.

Have gone and would go again. No big deal.

Would and did.

I feel that everyone should be subjected to the sight of my bare breasts.


Go ahead. Send me a picture. Torture me. :wink:

I’m not comfortable enough with my stretch marks and sags to show them to anyone else. I don’t even like to be seen in my swimsuit. And Lynn Bodoni makes a good point about sand in anatomical orifices.

Actually, it’s been my experience, having been to both clothed and unclothed beaches, that you are more likely to accumulate sand in uncomfortable places when you have a bathing suit on than when you don’t.

Prolly 'cos it’s Monday morning and all, but I gave the OP a tremendous amount of consideration. I don’t think I want to think this much about nudity at work any time again in the near future.
My conclusion (I know you’re all just holding your breath ;)) is that I would go and that I’d probably be more comfortable than usual. I mean, maybe I’m just having a case of girlproblems, but I’ve never found a bathing suit that was totally comfortable and that I didn’t have to fiddle with every 10 minutes.

I think I’d give it a try. But being a redhead, I am highly susceptible to sunburn, even with sunblock. So, I might like it for a day, but the resulting burn would prolly make me wonder if it was worth it. And there’s the sand. . .

I’d really like to, but if it came right down to it, dunno if I could… I enjoy being nekkid, but it’d be cruel to subject the world to the stretch marks, scars, cottage cheese, and other such unpleasantries. NOT that I let advertisements dictate my feelings of self-worth…

I’ve gone skinny-dipping and I enjoyed it, but the sunburn thing is scary, and it’s bad enough getting bug bites in places I can reach…

How’s that for a wussy answer?? :smiley:

Sure, I went to one of them thousands of times. Blacks beach, the only legal nude beach in the USA at the time, was a prime surf spot, so I went there a lot but clothed. It’s right next to my college, UCSD.

70% of the people there were in clothes just to look at the nude people.

There was an area called ‘gay man’s bluff’, which is self explanatory.

It seemed to have much more criminal activity than any other beach & did not appear a very safe place to be.

Before I had kids, I went to this nude beach that was just off of “Devils Slide” in California. I loved it, except for the pervs that would stand at the top of the hill with binoculars. Now that I have a road map on my stomach and it’s not exactly firm either, I would STILL go! I have magnificent breasts :smiley:

I am what I am. Like it or put on blinders!

Did it. Loved it.

Of course, I was younger and everything was still all perky, but I’d do it again anyway. My glory should be shared with the world. :wink:

Yep- I tend to go to Hippy Hollow, here in Austin, at least a few times a year. A great place to sun, not really all that great a place to run around nekkid, as it’s all rocks.

Sunburn “down there” sucks, so I highly recommend sunblock. I shave my head, so I’m used to wearing the stuff anyway (sunburned scalps hurt and are rather embarassing at the peeling stage).

Sunbathing nude really ain’t that big a deal. Of course, tell that to all the idiots sl-o-o-owly cruising by in their powerboats with binoculars glued to their faces… I mean, most times, the only naked flesh you’ll see is the naked flesh you don’t WANT to see.

Oh, and Sexywriter? I think everyone should be subjected to the sight of your naked breasts, too. Just think how much happier the world would be…

Sure, I’d go. I’ve never been to a nude beach, but I love to skinnydip. Don’t even get me started on outdoor showers… aah, bliss.