Are "Nude Only" Beaches Worth a Visit?

I ask this because I like to go to beaches, and in several places I have visited (San Diego), Aruba , Buzios (Brazil) there have been these beaches. Never having actually gone to one, I have a few questions:
(1) do the people who go to these beaches have good-looking bodies? I suspect most should keep their clothes on
(2) are these beaches mostly gay?
Given the puritanical tendencies of American society, I wonder if these beaches are best left alone. Of course, I enjoy nice scenery as much as anybody-the question is-is the scenery all that nice?

I don’t think naturists really prefer nude beaches for the view, so you’re probably going to find a lot of people of all ages, shapes and sizes quite unashamed regardless of their appearance.

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I think this issue is worthy of GD, so don’t be moving it. :slight_smile:


From what I have heard, imagine if everyone you didn’t want to see naked was in one place. That’s your typical nude beach.

From what I saw at Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis while I was going by it in my boat, I would say Jimshep was 99% accurate. I would find a nice remote place with your significant other and get back to nature if you will. And at least they won’t laugh at ya or least they better not. :smiley:

I dunno…I once went to a clothing optional beach in the south of France. I was 16 or 17 at the time. I did not regret it.

Had some of the most homely people on the planet. Funny to note that there were frequently ‘spotters’ looking for babes/hunks near the beach, but you’d never catch a spotter actually gittin’ nekkid. Rarely saw the same spotter more than a couple of times: Guess they went back to the strip clubs where the eye-candy was fairly predictable. I liked the place 'cause no-one was strutting about acting macho, and besides, there were a few cuties there.

One recommendation should you choose to partake, use PLENTY of strong sunscreen!

I don’t think there is necessarily a greater percentage of “uglies.” Fact is, most of us ain’t all that beautiful, and generally look better with at least some clothes on.

I think the easiest way to describe the people you’ll (likely) see on/at a nudist/clothing optional beach is to first take a look at the people you see every day, walking down the street, in the office (except for Sandy, in accounting…grrrowl!), or in the grocery store.

Everyone has this grand idea that the people you’ll see there are the people you generally think of when you think of naked people (did that make sense?), ie: Playboy[sup]TM[/sub] Playmates[sup]TM[/sup], porn-stars, Chippendale dancers, etc. The truth is, the people you see there are everyday folks, like you or me or your next door neighbor. Will there be some hotties, sure, perhaps. Will there be some people that would make a mans equipment shrink up so it looks like a fur coat with a button, you bet. By and large, it’s going to be average folks.

My $.02

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I’ll turn this into a GD for you… I resent that remark. Who are you to say that someone “should” keep their clothes on? Are they removing them for your entertainment or viewing pleasure? Don’t think so. They are nude for their own pleasure, whether you like looking at them is completely beside the point.

And ya know what? Going to a nude beach to look for naked women to gawk at? Please… buy a Playboy magazine.


Reminds me of the Sienfeld episode with the fat naked guy on the subway train.

Naked guy: “I’m not ashamed of my body.”
Seinfeld: “That’s your problem. You should be.”

I went to Black’s beach 100’s of times in SD, Calif for surfing.

There were always beautiful college women there naked. Just about any type of person imagionable was there. Lots of guys got hard ons just being naked.

There was an area called ‘gay man’s bluff’, which is the gay section. One time I had to walk through there (Only once), I went way up the back to pee & I turned around & there a few feet from me was a guy who followed me & who was reaching into his pants. That was my clue to never walk that area again.

Most of the people on the beach were lurkers wearing clothes. Blacks is closed most of the summer now due to cliffs that fall down.

I went to a resort in Jamaica that had an island where clothing was prohibited. There were people of all shapes and sizes there. There were some hotties and some fatties and some in betweeners like myself. It was the best part of our trip. I was about 25 pounds overweight at the time and had no problem.

Just think about if you’ve been in a locker room at the gym. I’d say that’s pretty representative of what you’d get on a nude beach.

So your gym has co-ed lockers? How can I join? :smiley:

Snow has it just right. It’s just your average cross section of humanity. Most people aren’t Adonises or Venuses, but all of us are attractive in our own way.
One problem with nude beaches is that there almost always seem to be jerks who line the cliffs just to look; with privately operated naturist recreation centers that problem is usually avoided. A few years ago I made several visits to Elysium in Topanga Canyon and found the experience liberating, to say the least.

Having been to Black’s Beach in San Diego many times, I’m left wondering…why do all the hot nekkid chicks only come out when Handy is around :frowning:

I have to disagree here… there is an old saying (and I have no idea to whom it should be attributed):

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone. :smiley:

I strongly encourage anyone going to a nude beach to apply the highest SPF sunscreen to the areas of your body that never see the light of day. First hand experience here, if you think sunburn on your back is bad, wait till your cheeks, johnson and the bag boys get fried. The sunscreen you apply everywhere else will not cut it.

If you want to go for the scenery, then please do not go. Lurkers are not appreciated.

If you want to go because you prefer to be nude, then by all means go, but get a bit of a tan first or you risk one heck of a painful burn.