Would you hire your own boss?

I recently visited a group of buddies at my old job. Damn I miss them. A group of characters I doubt I will ever find again: the boss; the curmudgeon; grumpy smurf; goofy foreigner; class clown; and the queen. If only they didn’t pay in circus peanuts, maybe I’d return. In talking with them, I discovered not much has changed. It did get me to thinking though: I could do what she does. Would my former boss be able to do my job? Sure, technically being a “creative director” she was supposed to guide my work and generally know more than me on all subjects. However, the closest thing to guiding or creative she did was to walk past my desk and suggest something lame I decided wouldn’t work five versions ago. I know for sure she wouldn’t be diplomatic enough to squeeze a compromise out of any problematic situation. And she sure as hell couldn’t have handled what I am doing. So why the hell is she still there and making so much more than I am to boot?

How prevalent is this? Would your boss be able to handle the stress of your workload? If you were in a position to do so, would you hire your own/former boss to replace you?

I DID hire my own boss.

See, I was manager at the store, over the Christmas season. When I got promoted I had told them that I was going back to school in January, and that they’d have to find someone then to take over. January came, we started looking and I, indeed, took resumes, interviewed, and eventually handed my future boss up to the higher-ups and he was hired. Havn’t regretted it yet, he’s a great guy.

I would hire my current boss. He is a good guy and works hard. My former boss is a different story.

Yes, but only to torture him through micromanagement and impossible timelines like he does to me. I’d hire him with the express plan of making his life hell until he quit.

With my boss, it depends… she’s very very dedicated, in theory, and means well, but super scattered and brings way too much of her personal life into the office (hours of personal calls, constant appointments that aren’t business related, etc.). If I had her current job, and she was looking for work, I would hire her as a consultant for certain events, and I’d hold her to strict hours, maybe about 20 per week. Because 20 hours is about all she spends concentrating on work when she’s at work, and that’s being generous.

If I was looking for a full-time person to handle what I currently do, I don’t know that I’d hire her. She isn’t good with the detail work my job requires, she’d be lost within 10 minutes doing any of the computer stuff (and I’m not even a techie-- she’s just computer clueless and knows it), and she’d lose things. She’s a great schmoozer, but not so great at the non-schmooze part of the job.

From a quality standpoint, yes. That is, if I were starting a business and she applied for a position in it, I’d hire her in a heartbeat. We call her “The Alien” because of her superhuman ability to get tons of work done, stay on top of everything, and still do a stunning amount of stuff in her personal life (like bead and quilt and read voraciously)

More specifically, though, to do my particular job? No, only because she doesn’t have the ability (in terms of statistics and general knowledge of a specific database I mess with, as well as ability to write syntax for the program I use) to do it. She could learn, of course, but it wouldn’t employ her best strengths. That’s why she’s a good boss–she gets people who know how to do what needs to be done, and then she gets the heck out of their way and lets them do it.

My boss? No way! She is a manipulative, lying bitch, who encourages tattle tailing and ass kissing. The only reason I stay there is in 4 years I can retire with 20 yrs! Also I won’t give her the satisfaction of firing both my mom and me.
She couldn’t do my job… she would get her clothes dirty and mess up her hair!

ummm tattle TALES!

i don’t think i could afford to hire my current boss! and if i did, i would lock him out on the weekends and demand he take more time off!

my former boss had the work ethic of pete moss and i think the fact that i would joke with the other managers about him sleeping in his cubicle may have something to do with my being “laid off” at my last job…
fuck it! my new job is much better!

Im my own boss, so yes I would.

I think she could do the job, but I don’t think she’s enough of a people person for my job. (Heck, she’s not enough of a people person for her own job!)

My boss actually used to DO my job before I worked there. She left to pursue “other opportunities” (aka “more money”) and they went through one or two other people before hiring me. I, of course, have taken my job up several quantum levels. then they hired her back in an executive position, and let me tell you folks, she is - bar none - the best boss I ever had. I especially love her philosophical position on creative types like me (i.e., in exchange for their creativity they should not be held too strictly to unimportant rules like showing up on time).

One of these days I’ll be looking for those “other opportunities” myself and I know she could ably step into my job until they find someone else.

Oh hell no! I don’t know what my higher ups were thinking when they hired my boss, but damn! Her position requires you have to be able to fill in for the chef when he is not there, that is what all the previous people in her position have done. But, she has been our boss for three weeks now and hasn’t even attempted to do anything in the kitchen! Well, except maybe putting some minor stuff away. Yes, there are cooks to back her up and we all know what we are doing, but she needs to know what she is doing in the kitchen. I think the thing that annoys me the most is she doesn’t have any experience working in a kitchen… Every time I go into work I question their judgment, considering that she just hands all her work off on to everyone else. She doesn’t know how to use a computer and all of our orders are done that way. Which means everyone, but her places orders. Actually, I’m not really sure what she does… she does make an ass of herself about twenty times a day. It has honestly gotten so bad that our chef whistles “If I Only Had a Brain” whenever she walks into the kitchen. She’s so dense that she hasn’t even picked up on it, yet. I honestly don’t know why she was hired, but we don’t think that she will last long, so that is the only good thing about it.

I have two jobs; I work part time for a newspaper and part time for a graphic design business.

In the newspaper job, I’ve been there longer than my editor and I love her. She’s great. She’s new to the area though, so she’s still feeling out the readership (her predecessor used to let my “creativity” make it to print a lot more often), but that’s just her being responsible. She knows what she does and she does it well.

In the graphic design job though, I’ve told my boss “If you weren’t my boss, I’d fire you.” Simple things like, say, checking the mail, she seldom does. The only reason I give her attitude about it is that I know her so well from before she took over as manager.

In a second!! Back in the mid 80s, I went to work for a major corp. I was hired to manage an off site location. Although I didn’t hire my present boss, he did work for me. He’s a great guy and we became good friends. Through the years we were both promoted and moved through the company ranks. I left the company in 89 to take an overseas job as a consultant. The job didn’t last as long as I had hoped, but I was rehired by my former company in a different dept. The division that I worked in was being sold, so I transfered to the military division. My boss also worked in the commercial division and when it was sold, he went to work for the new company. In Aug of 98, my company sent me overseas for 5 months. Around Oct. of 98, he sent me an email wanting to know if I was interested in a mgrs. position in the new company. In Feb. of 99, I took the job, and got a nice raise. He is now pushing the C.O.O. to promote me to his level, in another dept. Not only would I would hire him, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a senior level exec.

My boss? I wouldn’t let him in the door. Not quite Dilbert-worthy, but here’s a true example of his management style: we have a form that needs to be filled out by a number of our employees. I’ve been asking him for the list of these employees for six weeks. Everytime I reminded him I need this list, he told me he forgot it again but he’d get back to me on it. Finally, last Thursday afternoon, the day before I start a three day weekend, he leaves the list on my desk. On it he has written “I need these forms turned in promptly!!!” (except in the actual memo he underlined “promptly” three times). Heck yes, boss, I’ll get right on that and sorry for the delay.

Every boss I’ve worked for, I’d hire them on the spot. But I’d hire them to clean toilets and haul garbage.

Here’s a little tidbit to think about for your next job interview:

One question I always ask is “What do you think of the people you’ve worked for?”. See, the thing is someone who says “they were all idiots” is probably an idiot, and someone who says “I was lucky to work for a lot of great bosses” is probably a great employee. And just as importantly, whatever they answer is what they’ll say about you when you part ways. A leopard can’t change his spots.

Food for thought.