Would you live in the "Star Trek" universe, if you could?

Why or why not?

And if so, which show, and in what post/career/capacity?

Yes, in any show other than Enterprise, and preferably as Captain.

I would not be a red shirt. I would not serve on any starfleet ship not named Enterprise(they go boom to easily). I would like to be a science officer on the Enterprise. Tampering in God’s domain and scoring with hot green chicks sounds like a good way to live. ^ :dubious: ^

I would be a counselor on of the the Picard-era starships. 'Cause that looks like the easiest job in the galaxy. State the obvious, talk in low, condescending tones, and prescribe holodeck time to troubled crewmen. Ah, that’s the life…

What do you mean would I…?

Actually, yes I would, even though the Federation is constantly beset by enemies. Is it any different today? But in the Star Trek universe, everyone seems to be working toward a better life, even the gardeners & the barbers.

Also, I would like to take vacations on alien planets that look a lot like a studio back lot.

I just want to see if those spots on Dax go all the way down on. I suppose I could do something useful on Deep Space 9, though there seem to be planets and satelites all over the place just peppered with amusing little colonies where I could abolish crime and live in harmony, etc.

I’d want to be the one on TNG that fires the modified tachyon pulse to solve every possible problem.
I’d be a hero!

7 of 9’s personal maintenance crew

Sure, you say that now. But when the time comes when she needs the eyesocket contact points for her prosthetic eye scraped off with a wire brush, or her large intestine’s cyber-organic terminator line debrided to keep ahead of biochip necrosis, don’t come cryin’ to me. :wally :wink:

As for me…hmm. Assuming it’s not a “Twilight Zone” trick question, I’d probably say yes. As a civilian, late 24th century Earth. Utopian society, easy access to holodecks, a ready market for holodeck authors…I think I could make a place for myself.

I wanna be stationed on the planet with the hawt green chicks.


You want to be an Orion Slaver.

<SLAPS UncleRojelio With Wet Alien Trout>

As opposed to Star Wars, which of course has the hawt blue chicks.

I would be Q, and if that wasnt allowed, Id be Barkley with holodeck privileges on earth.

This is sounding better all the time.


I look for things.

Things to post about.

You think I am not smart.

I am smart.

Actually, I think I’d rather be a Gorn. I already have the speech impediment.

< Bosda SLAPS UncleRojelio With A Wet Alien Trout HARD>

I would indeed like to live in the Star Trek Universe, I would love to be a ship’s Engineer or Science/Computer officer. I would be okay with being an owner/operator of a Tramp Cargo vessel or even just employed at Star Fleet Academy.
…The technologies available to the residents of Earth look amazing and I would settle for being myself, just in this near Utopian world. It appears the Earth of Star Trek is a socialized democracy/meritocracy. I get the impression the work week is more European in style rather than American or Japanese. Sounds like a wonderful place to have even a boring job.


Thank you [Ma’am | Sir], may I have another.

I wouldn’t go near it. I’d be found dead in a holodeck within a month.