Would you make a good SDMB Mod? Which forum?

First off, let’s not start nominating people. Those kind of threads often train wreck into a popularity poll and end up causing hurt feelings to someone.

Though, there are some people posting that I think would make good Mods in certain forums. Some are already Modding other boards, some just know their stuff. Others show an even headedness that this board could always use more of. Some never end sentences with prepositions.


I have an awful lot of knowledge and practical real world experience in some areas that this board covers. Photography, sci-fi, home remodel, Bible trivia, etc…


I would not make a good SDMB Mod. I get real tired very quickly of what I consider jerkish behavior. I like to snipe at people who try to look down on others. I can be surprisingly uncivil when I think someone deserves it. And I am the hijacker.
What about you? Would you? Wouldn’t you? Why or why not?

And, at the risk of causing a train wreck anyways… do you agree or disagree with the reasons members will post here? (Please be civil, yet frank)
(or George, I don’t care)

I don’t know about weither I would make a good Mod. But I would very much like to be one.

I tend to post the odd lame or stupid post, but Being a mod would make me much more careful about what I post.

I spend enough time here!

I would probably feel at home Moderating The Pit, MPSIMS, and IMHO.

I would never want to do something that required that much time reading threads I would normally skip over. Life’s too short, my days are too full. You’d have to have too much free time to do that, or value your time very little.

I think it would be fun to mod the forum called

“Ask the ______”

A new forum all ask the ______.

Yup. That might be fun.

And a masochist. An insane masochist.

I’m good friends with two Mods, and really, I don’t know why they said “yes.” Too much responsibility. And everybody hates you and drags you over the coals . . . If I were forced at gunpoint to be a Mod, I’d take MPSIMS or Cafe Society, of course . . .

I expect it would be like being a Policeman - Half the peope hate you, the other half respect you.
I wanted to be a Policeman when I left Uni. I still do, but have let my fitness deteriorate (and I have a good job)

I think in general that I would be a poor mod.

Unless it was in the Pit. I’d be a good Pit mod. I’d totally swear when closing a thread, too.

Oh man, I would ban so many people.

“Hey! No bashing the Atlanta Falcons! You’re banned!”

Lear is NOT EITHER Shakespeare’s best play! You’re banned!”

To answer your question, No, I would not make a good mod.

I would make a horrible mod. Random Bannings left and right. I’d be the most corrupt mod ever. …I can’t believe my fantasy football league made me commisioner.

Ugh, no. I love reading message boards but there’s no way in hell I could actually try and read all the threads in a certain forum on this board. It’s too friggin’ busy.

I have administrated two other, much smaller boards though and I think I did well at both of those (except when I abused my power to piss off people I didn’t like :smiley: (another reason I wouldn’t make a good moderator here (I like using parentheses insides parentheses))).

I would not make a good mod because I am very spiteful and petty. Oh, and don’t for get jealous. And vengeful, can’t forget that one. And, I can hold a grudge for years on end, I won’t remember why I don’t like a person, but I will remember I don’t like them, and that’s all that matters. Oh, and I tend to ramble, a lot. And one more thing…

Because I already live here too much, spend every waking moment of my time talking about stuff I read here and peoples crazy names!!

I would totally play favorites and cause some kind of kinky and embarrassing scandal and be asked to leave or worse yet…

No one would listen to me

Crickets chirping.

I would be a terrible mod. My temper is really bad, my fuse is shorter than a Buckyball stack two-high, and my biases are too obvious.

I was a mod at another messageboard and discovered that a) I started to dread visiting the place and b) I suddenly had a lot less patience for people’s obtuseness and general whininess. That board required much less hands-on involvement from mods, too. I would completely suck at being a mod here, not because I would start warning people left and right but because I’d suddenly start avoiding the board and I’d be completely hands-off.

Is this a good place for those of us who wouldn’t take the job in a million years to thank all the people who actually do it? Because I’d like to thank the mods in this and every forum, just for being willing to take it on.

I, too would suck as a moderator. I am too short tempered, hell I’d probably try banning another moderator. I would bann left and right.

And I would automatically lock and ban all the TMI threads: you people are disgusting… and you KNOW who you are. jeez looeez.

Nah I’ll just sit here and giggle about Czarcasm’s adventures in cooking and go on being my usual annoying self.

Well I’m really self-centered and obnoxious and elitist. So you tell me.


Right now, I’m being courted for two modships and it makes me wanna cry.

Please, sir, don’t make me mod your poetry board! Please!


Er, sorry.



Yeah, I think being a mod would eventually make the SDMB be a chore rather than fun. It would seem that all you do is negative posting. It might toy with your head a bit if you aren’t the authoritative type. I generally like being provocative but not combative (although I will admit a good flame war once in awhile is good for your circulation). I will lay a little praise on the mods now … OK that’s enough, now back to my default assholiness.

I would like to thank all the mods that take the considerable time it must take to do what they do. Would I be a good mod? Hell, no!! There are too many times I’ll be reading a thread, and think, “Man, if I was a mod, that asshole’d be outta here!” By the time I was done ravaging the place, there’d be, oh, I dunno, 150 dopers left. I might even have to ban myself!