Would you make a good SDMB Mod? Which forum?

Why be an umpire when you can still play ball?

I would be a good mod because I’m generally pretty good at knowing what’s going on and keeping up on all the threads.

I would be an awful terrible, no-good mod because I would have major problems disciplining anyone. I am very bad at speaking harshly to people, and I would always be far too forgiving for what a message board like this needs.

I don’t know if this would make me a good or bad mod: I would have no problem banning long-time posters but tend to have a real soft spot in my heart for newbies.

I just want in on the mod hot tub parties.

Depends, do I get to be an “angry mod” like Manhattan, or a “mommy mod” like TVeblen or a “Fonzie mod” like Coldfire?

Kidding … I’d make a terrible mod for the same reasons as iampunha.

I think I would make a terrible mod. There are far too many threads, including one in the pit right now which is pissing me off more than anything I’ve ever read on the net, where I would just love to bitch-slap the OP in oblivian and then ban them.

I’d say that is not really a desirable characteristic for a mod so thanks for the offer but I think I’ll decline and stick to my day job.

I’d be ok, as long as I wasn’t a Fonzie mod - so GQ or GD. I’ve even thought of putting my name forward, but I don’t think I would always have the time. But I can see the appeal - I’ve got a lot out of this place and it would be nice to put something back in.

It definately does seem to have a downside. Although if you were a mod then you’d get to read the mod-only forum. That should be pretty juicy.

I suppose I’d have to be more decisive. Deciding on my own whether or not this was too far or when to bring the hammer down. Not overly difficult but I suppose a little nerve racking the first week.

If they made me be a mod I’d go for Cafe Society. I guess I’d be a mod like I am a poster, sort of middle of the road. Nobody would love me but then nobody would hate me either.

Ever sat through a business meeting in slow motion?
(And the “juicy” stuff is more likely to come across as “We have to deal with who!/what!/that! aga-a-a-in?”)

I mod in a couple of other forums, and I suupose I can be an angry mod, a mommy mod and a Fonzie mod all rolled into one. I have the board presence on those fora to make that kind of role work, though. I don’t have that here, and don’t much want it. Neither place is as busy as the SDMB. No way in the world I’d have enough time to check up on everything and feel up-to-date enough with all the issues and feuds and all the latest names and numbers of the returning trolls.

And, yup, mods only fora are very much as tomndebb suggests.

I would be okay for a few months, but I have limited patience when people ask the same thing day in & day out. Besides, I like to tell people the truth & lots of people can’t handle it.

can’t think of any reason why not… and look at how long i’ve been here. i’m practically a vet.

I’d like to be a mod, because I think I’d be good at doing little things like moving threads, merging them together, locking them, discreetly bumping threads I’m interesteed in and slyly sinking the ones I don’t like. On the other hand, I’ve only been here for a year and few people know me and I haven’t wooed over the rest yet.