Would you rather have a broken heart or a broken leg?

Perhaps this is a silly question, but those fit well in this forum, so why not?

I’d definitely rather have a broken heart, for two reasons:

  1. I’ve had a broken heart before, but never a broken leg. Better the devil I know and all that.

  2. I’m a very practical person, and while with a broken heart I may not want to do anything, I would not be prevented from doing things in the way that I would be if my leg were broken.

Broken leg.

I’ve never broken a bone, but my guess is that I’d pick physical pain and inconvenience over serious emotional pain. Plus, you get sympathy more easily and for longer with a broken leg! :smiley:

Broken heart. There’s always the off chance that a poorly set leg could get infected and one of the bone shards would break off and find its way to my brain, and then the leg would become gangrenous and have to be cut off. It’s better to be sad than to be an amputee with brain damage.

Broken leg. I am a little bit of an attention whore. You get a lot more attention from a broken leg than a broken heart.

Although I wouldn’t mind being on the “broken heart diet”. You know, the one where you feel sick whenever you try to eat and end up losing twelve pounds or so? That could be cool.

Hmm. I live in a second-story apartment, so a broken leg would be a huuuuuge pain.

However, I’ve had a broken heart. I think I’ll take the leg instead.

My heart has been broken too many times in my life. I’ll take my chances with a broken leg.

I had both in the same week one time. I don’t recommend it.

Broken leg. Crutches are neat and people actually care to be around you when you’re broken physically. Not so much when you have a broken heart.

Plus, doctors can fix a broken leg.

Broken leg, definately.

“How do you mend–a broken leg…”

Had both. The leg hurt like a bitch, but that pain went away. Plus, I don’t like the idea of four titanium screws being driven into my heart to “fix it.” :eek:

“You can tell my leg, my achy-breaky-leg…”

I guess I’m not so sure I know what heartbreak feels like; I’ve never been involved enough to have that result. But I do know the pain of perpetual unrequited love. I’ve broken four bones, including my femur. I think I’d rather have another broken femur than a broken heart.

It depends, if you fall in love and never have your heart broken is the best, then would be to fall in love and then have your heart broken (better to have loved and lost, etc.), third is a broken leg and last is never falling in love.

I’ve had both. Given the choice, I’ll take the broken leg. It heals a helluva lot faster, and leaves fewer long-lasting side effects.

Leg. I’m still not fully mended from the broken heart.

I’ve never had a broken leg, and I doubt it’d take as long to heal as a broken heart (which I’ve had many times).

Of course, it’d have to be my left leg, so I could still drive.

Broken leg (but hopefully not too broken). When your leg heals you have your leg back. With a broken heart, the hurt can stay for a long time and you will most llikely not get back your love.

Friends can’t sign a broken heart with a Sharpie.

Leg, definately the lesser of the two evils.