Would you rather have Ben Carson as president right now?

Yeah. I will never be happy that Trump won, but when I think of the damage that a halfway competent rubber-stamp Republican would have done, I shudder. It’s no small consolation to see Trump so badly damaging the GOP inadvertently (or advertently, who the hell knows). Bannon, Trump, and McConnell deserve each other and I’m enjoying that spectacle.

Admittedly, it works better in retrospect than it does prospectively.


I’d prefer Carson.

What sort of “reforms to strengthen our checks and balances” would you like to see?

Personally, I have a hard time imagining Dems mving to curtail the power of the presidency if one of their own holds the office, but I’d love to be pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

Drunk Uncle excuses himself and leaves early if my brother is there.

No, he lost it for a while but it just showed up.

Carson may not be as openly malicious as Trump, but he is easily just as ignorant, and would readily be manipulated by the Seventh Day Adventist church that did everything short of ordering its members to boost and vote for him in the primary. This is a man who, despite being a presumably highly educated neurosurgeon, that homosexuality is a choice (and believes marriage to be a ‘states rights’ issue), believes that evolution is a liberal conspiracy, and that the Egyption pyramids are grain silos. Trump is at least blatantly a self-serving huckster and the rest of the world realizes it. Carson is a fucking nutter of the first order, and who knows what cracktastic idea he is going to come up with next.

Trump has at least done the service of actively alienating much of the country (record low net approval ratings of any US President in the modern era) and has also fragmented not only ‘his’ party but his own Cabinet and advisors. With luck, he’ll self-destruct or get taken down by the Mueller investigation before he starts a war with North Korea, and go off in a huff insisting he can pardon himself for the crimes he didn’t commit (leaving us with Mike Pence, which, ugh, but still) and maybe we can have an election between sensible candidates in 2020, provided Clinton can stop herself from insisting that it’s “her time” this round. Carson is so far off the bug it isn’t clear who would be in control or what nonsense decision he’d come up with next based upon fraudulent pseudoscience and a belief system which is bizarre even by Christian evangelical standards.

“I’ll take ‘narcissist politicians’ for $800, Alex.”


And I just in the past few years witnessed Obama refusing attempts by the Republicans to give him huge amounts of additional power.

What are you referring to here? I remember Republicans being upset about the DACA executice order and quite a few other things they felt were executive overreach.

No, those were all powers that the President has always had, since 1789. I’m referring to things like the debt ceiling.

That’s kind of funny, because ConLaw professor Obama said several times that the president did NOT have that power.

Tough choice, they’re both idiots, though Carson is an idiot savant and was at one time adept in brain surgery while being completely at sea with regard to every other field of knowledge.

Right now, Carson would be infinitely better if we take the short term view. If we look at the highly desirable goal of the complete destruction of the Republican Party, then Donald is the better choice. So if we survive however long Putin’s puppet stays in power, then we’re better off with Donald. If we don’t, then we’ll regret not having Carson.

Actual quote?

Fair enough. It could just make things worse by moving the overton window and making authoritarianism, criminality, corruption and gross incompetence acceptable behavior among politicians.

My hope is that Trump forces us to face who we truly are as a nation and start addressing it. But it may empower those forces instead.

You can read a couple of them here:


What does immigration law have to do with the debt ceiling?
Obama was referring to changing immigration law, not whether he had the power to enforce immigration law.

ETA: There’s no mention of the debt ceiling in your “cite”.

Correct. In fact, in every instance noted in that factcheck, Obama explicitly says that he has the authority to determine how the law is enforced, especially since Congress only authorized enough money to deport a fraction of the folks here illegally. That alone requires prioritization.

I think we were talking past each other. When I said “Obama said several times that the president did NOT have that power”, the “that power” I was referring to was the power to enact the DREAM Act via executive order.



He said that he couldn’t change the law himself, and he didn’t change the law himself. What’s the contradiction?

Wasn’t he always making up the laws himself, ignoring Congress, acting as a dictator? Or was that a different Obama the Pubs were always harping about?