Would you rather have Ben Carson as president right now?

Not interested in discussing any of the other contenders of the GOP primary. Just Carson.

Imagine somehow he won the nomination and beat Hillary. Do you think he would have done a better job so far than Trump has?

I think he’d be just as incompetent, just lower key. Less sizzle. We’d be bored into complacency by his sleepiness and hushed tones.

Tough call. But if those were my only two choices, I guess I would pick Carson over Trump. Both are woefully inexperienced for the job and they share a disconnect from reality. But I think Carson would have at least tried to do a good job as President even if it was beyond his abilities. With Trump I feel he doesn’t even care that he’s doing a terrible job.

All his political positions aside, Carson seems like is personally a kind man.

Trump has spent a lifetime conning people. He’s not a successful businessman so much as he’s a successful con artist. His financial life has been a perpetual balancing act with leveraged assets, with the objective of enabling himself to live a lavish lifestyle and get as much attention as possible.

Carson has spent a lifetime as a neurosurgeon.

I know damn well which of these men I’d rather have in charge of the country, if I HAD to choose between one or the other.

I think Carson is capable of compassion and decency, even if he’s a wingnut in terms of ideas, and ignorant to boot. So I’d pick Carson, and it’d be an easy choice.

Trump is incompetent, and he is laying bare the problems in the Republican party to hasten their demise. It’s dangerous, but if we make it through this, I’ll be glad we had Trump to show us how bad it can actually get.

Interesting choice. I think I’d prefer Carson for the immediate good of the country, just because he seems a far more decent human. And I doubt he would go out of his way to offend others internationally the way Trump does.

I think that outweighs the harm Trump is going to cause to the Republican party, and the jumpstart he is (hopefully) going to inspire o/b/o liberals.

They are both the epitome of ineptitude for the role of POTUS. However, I suspect Carson would acknowledge he is in over his head, and ensure he is surrounded by top talent (not just hire “tha best people”). And actually listen to what they say (clearly not happening today). I think that would be the major difference between the two, which is why I would rather have had Carson in the role, even with his overly religious tones.

To those saying that Carson has some basic decency, remember how avid he is in his religion. Which might not be so bad, if he worshiped someone other than himself. His entire home is a shrine to how great he is, except for one tiny plaque hidden in the middle of one wall with a quote from the Book of Poverbs [sic].

He probably would still be better than Trump, but that’s just a testament to how bad Trump is.

The fact that this question even generates some level of contemplation ought to scare the hell out of anyone who cares about the state of the world.

And that’s not threadshitting. That’s a fact.

Ben Carson is on the list of people that I wouldn’t prefer over Donald Trump as president. That puts him in the company of my brother, Vladamir Putin, the guy who’s always hanging out at the gas station, Roy Moore, OJ Simpson, Tracy Morgan, etc.

So in what ways would Carson be worse than Trump?

Carson no question.

Carson would be woefully incompetent, possibly even more so than Trump, but would be so in a more bumbling fool sort of way, not in the scary “My god what have you done!” sort of way. I believe that Carson would act in what he believes to be the best interest of his country, unlike Trump whose sole concern is his own ego.

Carson would likely commit many diplomatic faux pas inadvertently but he would be unlikely to out and out actively insult our allies, nor do I think he would actively pursue increasing the divicivness in the country.

In short I’d rather have Chauncey Gardiner than Greg Stillson in charge of the country.

Thats my view.

Carson isn’t malicious or mentally unstable like Trump. But Trump is forcing America and the world to confront the deranged, white nationalist cancer at the heart of the right.

Plus hopefully Trump’s presidency will be followed by a wave of reforms to strengthen our checks and balances. We wouldn’t get that with Carson.

I have to say I don’t subscribe to this “crucible of hardship that will ultimately forge a better future for America” idea of Trump that you seem to have.

We have plenty of checks and balances. What has happened is that it has been laid bare how easy it is to ignore them when it’s convenient for those in power.

Yes, I would prefer a president who doesn’t taunt nuclear-armed dictators over Twitter, does not encourage neo-Nazis, and would say appropriate things if he were giving a speech to the Boy Scouts, and I’m fairly sure Ben Carson could clear all of those (low) bars.

It’s remarkable how little baggage Carson carries.


Your brother isn’t Drunk Uncle by any chance, is he?

I agree. All Trump is doing is lowering the standards. In the future, there will be people who think a candidate is acceptable if he’s only seventy-five percent as bad as Trump.

A president as horrible as Trump makes people like Mike Pence and George W. Bush and Ted Cruz and Ben Carson seem like normal candidates.