Would you rather spend an evening with Bix Beiderbecke or Grandma Moses?

I like New England rural landscapes as much as the next guy, and everything I’ve read about Grandma makes her sound like a real sweetie, but I’d have to go with Bix. Bix and a couple of fifths of good bourbon. Unless Moses made a pie.

Granny would doctor you real good with her homemade tonic, and cook up a batch of grits and jowls too. :wink:

Grandma Moses, not Granny Clampett.

I think I would pick Anna Moses. I would love to discuss her use of natural materials for paint, and maybe compare potato chip recipes.

Moses – a pleasant, interesting person who’s life spanned a remarkable century. I would love to spend an evening with her!


I rock corrected. :smiley:

Bix was expelled from school and drank himself to death. Who you think I’m gonna pick? :smiley:

Never heard of Bix Biederbeck, but I’m confident he would be a better choice than Dale.

Beiderbecke’s classic recording of “Singin’ the Blues,” with Frankie Trumbauer on C-melody saxophone. Along with Louis Armstrong’s “West End Blues,” one of the two most famous recorded cornet solos in early jazz.


Bix comes in at 1:03.

Rather than pick one or the other, I’d try to convince them each to set aside their petty differences so that the three of us could hang out together.

Although I’m an artist, I’m also a music lover. I’d have to go with Bix.

Do we get to choose the point in their careers where we meet them? A lot of people don’t know this, but when Grandma Moses was in her twenties, she was pretty easy.

It’s clear that Bix was often drunk, so he was probably easy too. :slight_smile:

Grandma Moses

I’d go see her exhibit, but hang out at the bar with Bix.

Considering how Bix spent his life drinking only bootleg whiskey and bathtub gin, imagine how delicious he would find today’s boutique liquors.

He’d probably have drunk himself to death much earlier.

Setting up her easel by the cee-ment pond.

At least she’s not setting it up on the banks of the the Nile. (That would be Moses’s Grandma.) :slight_smile: