Would you respect a guy who eats a dozen banans per day?

This is my goal. I want to know if it will make me contemptable OR if it will make me more popular, socially.

I’d respect his stamina for sure.

By “banans,” you do mean dicks, right?

I laughed.

wtf else would I mean? Of course I mean hard cocks.

Well then you would definitely be popular socially.

you think I should stop at a dozen?

The girls from OK Cupid don’t, why should you? :rolleyes:

Man, you guys are on FIRE with the on-point advice today.

Should I spread the cocks throughout the day, or cluster them together at certain times or what?

You don’t want to get lockjaw, do you?

A couple of years ago I planned an experiment where I would eat one of those toys that you put in water and it expands. I wanted to see if my stomach acid would just eat it, or if it would still expand. I even consulted a doctor about it.

It’s what we do best.

Hm, until you know what you’re most comfortable with, you should probably set up two days. One where they’re spread out and one where you just run a train. That way you’ve got some experience.

Well, if banana means dick, I’m assuming you mean inflatable dildo.

I don’t find those girls on OKCupid- I need to adjust my settings…

You need to hustle to this thread as quickly as possible.

These are all good thoughts thank you.

Wow. You really ARE busy this weekend…